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Hell Bent Choppers Top Fuel Racing Team

Written by Bob Spina,

The team has grown to include the top fuel bike, plus 4 Harley Davidson “Destroyer” factory drag bikes ridden by T.L & son Ryan, helicopter “Drag Bike” Mike, Jimmy and Marty round out the team. Big strides were made with the Destroyers with their best times from each bike being: Mike in the low 9″s, T.L. and Ryan in the high 9″s, Marty in the low 10″s and Jimmy in the 11″s.

The fuel bike made big leaps with times in the mid to low 7″s the first 4 days at the track. The big surprise was at a match race at ‘Atco Dragway Harley Day’ against the ” world’s quickest ” and fastest high gear only (no transmission) top fuel bike owned, built, and ridden by the legendary Bob Malloy out of Maryland. After a slight hole shot by Malloy, Pete made a move and didn’t look back, running a 6.78 at 185 mph and beating Malloy. He skipped by the 7.0,6.9,6.85 to drop into the 6.70″s which is very impressive considering this was an 1100 foot run. Mid to low 6″s are in the plans for 2015. Look for the team to appear at select Englishtown, Atco, Lebanon Valley Dragways, and Cecil County Maryland Harley Days plus thrill shows.

Thank you to our sponsors from Peter from R & D Racing:

T.L. Roofing

A & A Scrap Metal

S O S Services

Shield Marina

Silent Rage M.C.

And special thanks to our crew chief, Bob Spina and crew- Joe A., Jeff West, and Silent Rage.

Thank you to all the motorcycle clubs that came to support us. We had a blast.

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