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Counts Kustoms Feature Bike Full Throttle Magazine (2)Danny “Count” Koker, star of HISTORY channel’s “Counting Cars” invited G-Man, Rich and Helicopter Mike inside his chamber of Choppers and Hot Rods. While the guys kicked tires and talked shop, it was decided by Count that “Coffin” would do yet another photoshoot. However, he insisted that she pose as is, no bubble bath today.

Count is proud to say that “Coffin” is his daily beater and favorite ride from his stable of many. He also refers to her as a “Free Range Kitty Kat”. When Count’s Kustoms built her, Count explained that certain parts on the bike were put in place to give this ride the performance he desired. The Billy Lane back rim is all business on the one side housing the sprocket roter w/ the old school tolley caliper. The back tire, although beefy, is 210” so it can still hug the turns. Count attributes the precise control of this 11 foot beauty to Sugar Bear’s Springer front end, claiming that he can and does make u-turns with one hand on the bars. Although the engine is 80 cu in, the way it is set up, she can bang handlebars with 124’s all day long.

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Counts “Coffin”

Owner: Danny “Count” Koker

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Built: 1997 / Count’s Kustoms

Engine: Evolution H-D 80 cubic inch retro fitted w/ 47 knuckle tops (Count’s Kustoms)

Tranny: Baker 6 speed

Belt: 4” Corrada

Rigid Frame

Down Tubes: 6“ Stretch

Back Bone: 3” Stretch

Neck: Cut / Rake 52 Degree

Front End: 32” over stock Sugar Bear Springer

Total length of bike: 11’ long

Back Wheel: Billy Lane 7” wide rim off set to one side polished stainless

Back Tire: 210”

Tank: Independent

Back Fender: Billy Lane

Seat: Count’s Kustoms

Powdercoating: Wrinkle Finish

Pinstriping: Ryan Evans/Count’s Kustoms


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