Facts and Trivia June 2016

BoCan INDIAN really compete against HARLEY?

In the decades following Indian Motorcycles bankruptcy in 1953, several companies tried unsuccessfully to revive the brand, the largest competition for Harley of its time.
Now; however, Indian has the financial muscle to make it happen. Polaris, the maker of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and Victory motorcycles purchased Indian in 2011 and is moving to bring it back to prominence.
Standing in the way, of course, is Harley-Davidson, a longtime Indian rival back in the day that has amassed 57% share of the heavyweight cruiser market today.

Victory motorcycles was supposed to be a potential alternative to Harley-Davidson, but has amassed only a 5% market share, largely taking a piece out of Japanese competitors Honda, Yamaha, Suzuk,i and Kawasaki. Now Indian is taking aim at the market leader, even running a television ad featuring a Harley-Davidson with a “FOR SALE” sign outside the owner’s garage. Perhaps Indian can pick up where Victory fell short.
“Will Indian take Harley-Davidson down, personally I think not, at least not right now, if at all. But now there’s a choice, and then there is the “prestige factor” something many riders don’t talk about. But it’s there and I see it every day, When you ask a Harley rider what he rides he will simply say “A HARLEY,” when you ask a Metric Cruiser rider what he rides he starts his answer with, “I was gonna buy a Harley but”…and when you ask an Indian rider what he rides he starts the conversation with, “I compared it to a Harley”…
What Indian has going for it is the blending of Heritage with Modern Engineering. Founded in 1901, Indian traces its roots to the first American motorcycle. It quickly became the top motorcycle brand, having developed the first-ever V-twin motorcycle and first electric starter. The company built a reputation among everyday riders, racers and with the military, supplying the U.S. Army with bikes such as the Chief. A new Indian owner was heard saying, “ When I got mine, I was as proud as the guy who bought one in 1948.”
It’s a phenomenal American story with an entrepreneurial spirit, said Steve Menneto, Vice President of Motorcycles at Polaris. “We wanted to bring that forward and blend it into what we’re doing with the brand. We want to show riders what we learned from Indian’s history. While its heritage is a central part of what Indian is doing, the new Chief isn’t exactly your grandfather’s motorcycle. We’re going to build bikes into the future,” Menneto added.
In conclusion, I think this time Indian is here to stay, but I think they will have a bigger impact against the Metric Cruiser market, but only time will tell.

Trivia Question of the Month:




We are all familiar with Harley model designations, like: FLH, FXD or XL, some of us get a little confused by them. What year did Harley release the new “R” Model and what special features did it have?


Answer to last month’s trivia question:

Harleys “K Model” was the predecessor to the Sportster model. What year did K models first appear in H-D showrooms?


The New “K” Model made its debut in 1952, Harley manufactured 1,970 K Models that year and you could pick one up for $865, in 1952 if you had another $105 you could buy an FL Hydra-Glide.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:
I hope when I die, my wife doesn’t sell my Motorcycles for what I told her they were worth.
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