Christmas in June

Christmas in June 2016

Nassau County Fireriders MC Help to Brighten the lives of Children

Story by Lee Sheridan, Photos by Ron Monteleone

On June 26th The Nassau County Fireriders MC held their 10th annual Christmas in June event. This ride has benefited the Children of St. Christopher-Ottilie (SCO Family Services) since it’s inception.  Once again Applebee’s and Panera Bread of Hicksville hosted the registration portion of the ride with a delicious breakfast spread. After everyone filled their bellies, it was off to deliver the hundreds of toys to the anxiously awaiting children at St. Chris’s. Santa arrived with his leather cladded elves much to the delight of the children…”There is no better feeling than when you put a smile on the face of child.” The SCO presented the Fireriders with a plaque of appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the children. After making the special delivery it was off to Tappen Beach in Sea Cliff for a BBQ, raffles and live music by Chicken Head Rocks.

A little history about the benefactor of this event:

SCO Family of Services has responded to the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers for more than a century. It all began in 1895, when a group of wealthy women established the Country Home for Convalescent Babies in Upstate New York. The Country Home admitted “sick and suffering small children, whom hardly anyone else can take” after they were released from the hospital following an acute illness, and before they were returned home to their families. The children recuperated at the home for several weeks.

Two years later, a new home was built on 14 acres in Sea Cliff, Long Island. The Bakers, Carnegies, Morgans, Phipps and Whitney’s, in addition to many other prominent New York families, supported the facility. During World War II, the Home closed briefly and then reopened in 1947 under the auspices of the Diocese of Brooklyn, when it was renamed St. Christopher’s Home. In 1967, Foster Home Program begins; the first home is licensed. In 1978, Center for Family Life opened in Sunset Park, Brooklyn to promote positive outcomes for children, adults and families through a comprehensive range of neighborhood-based family and social services.

In 1985, St. Christopher’s Home merged with the Briarwood, Queens-based Ottilie Home for Children, which cares for adolescents with serious emotional needs and developmental disabilities. Originally known as the Ottilie Orphan Home, it was named after Ottilie Seibert, a young woman who died of pneumonia, leaving behind two young children. Ottilie’s father, John Miller, founded the orphanage in 1892 as a memorial to his only child.  The merger between St. Christopher’s Home and Ottilie resulted in St. Christopher-Ottilie.

In 1999, St. Christopher-Ottilie merged with Family Dynamics, an organization in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn dedicated to improving the lives of children by strengthening families struggling with poverty, abuse, teen pregnancy and drug addiction. As a reflection of the tremendous growth in the scope and range of our services, we changed our name from St. Christopher-Ottilie to SCO Family of Services in December, 2004.

Today, SCO Family of Services provides a comprehensive array of services to children and families throughout New York City and Long Island, helping 55,000 vulnerable New Yorkers to meet critical needs and build a strong foundation for their future. To read more about SCO log on to

Thank you to the AMA for sanctioning this ride, to Cavalier & Associates, P.C. and WBAB for their support and to all those who came out to ride for the children.

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