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Check Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy Now!

Some of our readers got the message, but most motorcyclists still don’t have underinsured coverage!

If you have a motorcycle accident, chances are that your injury will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may be unable to work for a few weeks or a few months and lose your job.

You won’t be happy if you are injured by a driver who never saw you. But what if that driver only has $25,000 insurance? Chances are you only have $25,000 insurance on your motorcycle. That means, the most you can get for your injury is $25,000!

You can protect yourself right now by checking your insurance policy and increasing your underinsured coverage if you don’t have enough. Underinsured coverage can also speed up your case by years. It costs very little to increase your underinsured coverage.

1) Look on the page of your insurance policy which shows your coverages, limits and how much you are being charged.

You will see a list of coverages such as Liability or Bodily Injury or Bodily Injury Liability; Property Damage; Personal Injury Protection and other coverages.

2) Look for any of the following:


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Supplementary UM/UIM

If your coverage is listed as $25,000/$50,000, that means you have $25,000 coverage if you are injured in a hit and run or hit by someone who has no insurance, but you have no additional insurance if the driver has only $25,000 coverage. (The higher number of $50,000 is the total for all people injured only applies if another person is injured.)

3) If you see Uninsured/Underinsured $25,000/$50,000, call your insurance company and increase your coverage immediately. We recommend the maximum your insurance company sells.

  • Chubb will sell as much as you want.
  • $500,000 is available from Liberty Mutual, Foremost, and Nationwide.
  • $300,000 is available from Progressive and GEICO.
  • Other insurance companies must sell up to $250,000.

Before you ride again, take a look at

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