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If I’m on a Motorcycle and Get Hit by a Car Is It No-Fault?

We’ve been asked many times, and there are many searches on our website for, “Is it no-fault if I’m on a motorcycle and get hit by a car?” Doesn’t this mean I’m not at fault?

No, it doesn’t.  Likewise, it does not mean that the car which hit your motorcycle is not at fault.  No-Fault has nothing to do with whether or not you are considered at fault for causing an accident. (Continue Reading)

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Car Wash Danger


From the Desk of Phil Frankel Esq. July 2014

Be Careful When Riding Past a Car Wash

The first time, I thought it was unusual when I got a call from a motorcyclist who was riding past a car wash and crashed when the motorcycle skidded on the slippery roadway.

Then I got a second call for the same type of accident while riding past a car wash.  We have represented several motorcyclists who had accidents when riding past a car wash. (Continue Reading)

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From the Desk of Phil Frankel Esq. May 2014

Motorcycle Awareness Month at Costco

May was designated Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Some state governors and other organizations proclaim May simply as Motorcycle Awareness Month without the word “Safety”. (Continue Reading)

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From the Desk of Phil Frankel Esq. April 2014


When a Car Makes a Left Turn into a Motorcyclist, It’s Rarely Your Fault (Continue Reading)

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Phil Frankel – Feb 2014


I have to be examined by the insurance defense doctor!  What should I do?

In the October article, I wrote about what happens at a deposition during your lawsuit after a motorcycle accident.  Not only is the defendant allowed to have an attorney ask you questions about how the accident happened and about your injuries, but the defendant is also entitled to have you examined by doctors in the same specialty as your treating physicians. (Continue Reading)

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What’s a deposition?


I have to testify at a deposition!  What’s a deposition?

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, your attorney will have to file a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to settle.  After a lawsuit is filed, you will be required to testify at a deposition.

A deposition is a procedure where you will give sworn testimony in answer to questions by the opposing attorney.  Your attorney will be present but can do very little to prevent any questions from being asked or to prevent you from answering. (Continue Reading)

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