The Narrow Road | July 2014



…is a big issue in our society.  It is perhaps a bigger issue in the motorcycling community.  Several years ago while working the gate at a motorcycle event, I was approached by several bikers sporting serious attitude.  Although I treated them with respect, they apparently felt entitled to more.  Without going into details, suffice to say I was treated in a disrespectful way.  For the sake of peace, I chose to allow these men their moment of power and ignore their behavior.  The look of satisfaction on their faces was evidence enough that they considered themselves men worthy of great respect.  The sad reality is that they had my respect right up until they copped an attitude.  That’s when they forfeited my respect. (Continue Reading)

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The Narrow Road


June 2014

Bob_Anton_Narrow_RoadIs it important to you to be remembered? I mean once your dead and gone, is it important to you now for people to remember who you are, or what you have accomplished in your life? Great and powerful men have ensured that they will be remembered by being immortalized on currency or in the naming of ships or towns or cities. Artisans have been hired to craft statues of notable leaders or preserve their images on canvas. Biographies and autobiographies are written and vast sums of money are spent so that the memory of a man should not be lost to the past. And for the common man, there are grave stones and mausoleums, memorial plaques hung in churches and schools and playgrounds, most of which will be lost on future generations. (Continue Reading)

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Narrow Road | May 2014

Bob_Anton_Narrow_RoadRemember Tetelestai

Imagine if you will, that you are on your deathbed.  I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be morbid, I’m simply trying to make a point.  What do you think you would say?  Remember, this is your last opportunity to communicate in this life. What would be foremost on your mind?  Would you come clean about some secret?  Would you ask for or offer forgiveness for a wrong.  What would you say? (Continue Reading)

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The Narrow Road – April 2014


Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project


As I pondered what to write about for this month’s edition of The Narrow Road, I came across an e-mail sent to me by my cousin.  It was one of those provocative form letter type e-mails that makes the rounds.  The type that is intended to illicit a response of anger or frustration against someone, usually a politician or government agency.  As is my usual practice, I looked it up on SNOPES.com to see if it was true, false or a combination of the two. (Continue Reading)

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The Great Exchange



(A message for Sinners only)

You’ve heard the term the Gospel or the Good News before. Have you ever wondered what exactly the good news is but were afraid to ask, for fear of being preached at by some over the top bible thumper? Well, today’s your lucky day. Today you get your answer through the safe medium of Full Throttle Magazine without fear of being trapped, chased or harassed. You can turn the page at anytime, but I hope you won’t. (Continue Reading)

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Narrow Roads


Pray for the Young Person


I awoke this morning to a text from my son in Florida.  Seems he was up late last night talking to a friend who has been having thoughts of suicide.  This is common place for my son.  He’s been ministering to people in this way since he was in Junior High School.  I guess it makes sense that he is now pursuing his Master’s degree in Psychology.

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