Low Rider Returns


Many of us who actually owned an original Shovelhead Low Rider can appreciate this reintroduction to the HD lineup. After five years away from the lineup, a Low Rider model has re-joined the Harley-Davidson ranks. This new Low Rider, a mid-year 2014 model priced at $14,199, traces its lineage back to the 1977 original, which is described by The Motor Company as a “ride-it-hard, put-it-away-dirty” type of bike that became an icon. (Continue Reading)

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The Wall of Death


Bo-Fact_TrviaWALL OF DEATH – I had the opportunity to see the Wall of Death 3 years ago at the Black Thorne motorcycle rally in East Durham N.Y. The Wall is still one of the coolest stunts I have ever seen. Inspired directly from US motorcycle boardtrack (motordrome) racing in the early 1900s, the very first carnival motordrome appeared at Coney Island amusement park  in 1911. Riders soon learned a neat trick that with speed, centripetal force made it possible for them to stick their bikes sideways in turns on a completely vertical wall. (Continue Reading)

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What the Heck is Billet


Bo-Fact_TrviaBillet is a term tossed around frequently and loosely in the biker world, but most people are confused about what billet actually is and why it’s usually expensive. I heard a guy say, “That’s not aluminum; that’s billet.” Clearly, some confusion exists here.

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Motorcycle Hand Greetings


Bo-Fact_TrviaThose of you who ride motorcycles will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those of you who don’t will hopefully learn something.
I’m referring to that secret “wave” that oncoming bikers may or may not flash each other as they pass on the highway. (Continue Reading)

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Bo-Fact_TrviaThe Legend Lives On
It started when about 3,000 bikers thundered into Hollister on the morning of July 4, 1947. The reverberations of the wild drunken biker invasion that accompanied the annual Gypsy Tour motorcycle races and hill climbs has become legendary. What actually occurred during that weekend has been buried in myth, blurred by time and embellished by many who were there. (Continue Reading)

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Harley Street 500


 First Look – Harley-Davidson unveils the “Street 500” and “Street 750” 

Bo-Fact_TrviaHarley Davidson targets entry level and urban riders for the first time in over 20 years with the introduction of a new model.

It has been 13 years since Harley released a motorcycle based on what they call “a new platform.” In November the motor company unveiled the 500 and 750 “Street,” these new models are scheduled to hit the showroom floor early to mid-2014. (Continue Reading)

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Back In The Day



What a long strange trip it has been

Living a lifestyle on two wheels! I can’t think of a better way to have spent the last 30 plus years, hopefully it’s far from over. Friends, lovers, brothers and family have come and gone. Money, health and happiness have been both good and bad.

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Cold Weather Riding



October is here, the cold weather riding season is upon us.  Some of you will roll your scooter into a corner of the garage, throw the battery on a trickle charger, put some fuel stabilizer in the gas tank and hope for an early spring. For others, there is no end to the riding season, just a change in riding gear. Here are some strategies for dealing with the worst winter has to offer: (Continue Reading)

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Some of you will remember the 70s ad slogan from Honda: “You meet the nicest people on a Honda,” I guess they were trying to suggest that you don’t meet nice people on a Harley.

The following are some rare and hilarious Motorcycle ad slogans from back in the day. (Continue Reading)

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Facts and Trivia


  • In 1903 Harleys production total was 3 motorcycles, just 10 years later in 1913 Harley produced 12,966 bikes and 6 models to choose from. The next year in 1914 production rose to 16,409 bikes.
  • Did you know that Indian Larry’s motto was: Lone Wolf…No Club, but he did belong to a club and had the tattoo to prove it. It was the “Polar Bear Club.”
  • Did you know that in the early 1900’s if you said you had a JAP bike you meant a bike built by the JAP motorcycle company started by J.A. Prestwich in 1904, taken over by the Villiers company of England in 1945.
  • The movie” the wild one” is today considered a classic, but when it was first released in 1953, it was a box office flop. In the days of westerns and war movies few people wanted to see a film about motorcycle gangs, in 1953 a black leather wearing good guy seemed all wrong. (Continue Reading)
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