Can you get money if you’re HURT in a Hit & Run

philFrankelCan you get money if you’re HURT in a Hit & Run?

Yes, you can. We have represented several motorcyclists who thought they couldn’t get compensation because “there was no one to sue”.  

Where does the money come from? From your motorcycle insurance policy which will pay you a minimum of $25,000 when you are hurt in a Hit and Run accident which meets certain requirements.

Hit and Run cases are tricky, especially with motorcycle accidents. Many lawyers don’t like motorcycle accidents but even more lawyers refuse Hit and Run accidents where the facts aren’t perfect. If a lawyer refused to take your Hit and Run accident case, we probably want to represent you.

One of the requirements is that either you or your motorcycle must be physically contacted by the other vehicle. Another requires a police accident report be made within 24 hours.  With rare exceptions, an uninsured claim must be filed within 90 days of the accident.

A serious problem with a Hit and Run accident case is where the motorcyclist says a car or truck “cut me off” and left the accident scene.

If you tell police, EMS or doctors that you were “cut off”, most lawyers will decline to take your case because case law says you were probably not physically contacted if you were “cut off”.

Never say you were “cut off” in a Hit and Run accident. If a car or truck physically contacted your leg or your hand when you try to push off, make sure you tell the police that the car or truck “hit” you.

If you did say you were “cut off” in a Hit and Run accident, we may be able to prove there was physical contact and we will most likely want to represent you. Remember, we will advance the money to prove your case and there is no cost to you for expenses or legal fees if we can’t get money for you.

It is important to remember that physical contact is NOT required if you were “cut off” and you know the identity of the car that cut you off.  Physical contact between you and the car or truck is only required when you do not know the identity of the vehicle that cut you off.

For a very small amount of money, you can increase your uninsured and underinsured protection to at least $250,000 or more if you are hurt because of a Hit and Run accident, a car which has no insurance, or less insurance than you. Call your insurance broker or us today to make sure you are protected.

We have recently been alerted to the possibility that your insurance company may lower your coverage back to the minimum if your motorcycle is put back on the road after winter storage. Again, call your insurance broker or us today to make sure you are protected.

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