Bo’s Facts and Trivia Oct 2015


OK it’s October, I could write a column about winter riding gear. HEY, it’s cold outside so put a jacket on! But most of you have figured that out by now.

So when I saw this I had to tell you about it because I figured you just could not live without it. Yes it’s a set of Spanner wrenches with cutlery on the other end, or is it a set of cutlery with Spanner wrenches? So this company “not gonna mention their name” thought this would be a smart idea.


Imagine the possibilities, there you are in your garage, you’re on the floor your bike is in 150 pieces and you’re trying to put your transmission back together without having any parts left over. Your old lady comes into the garage with a 2 inch thick steak smothered in caramelized onions and mushrooms with homemade mashed potatoes and peas. Now you don’t have to miss a beat, just take your wrenches, wipe of the grease and dig in……life is good!

Trivia Question of the Month:

Question: What year did the Federal Government order the motorcycle industry to complicate their VIN number system:

1. 1933, because motorcycle were not yet registered.

2. 1969, because a large number of custom bikes were being built.

3. 1980, because of the high rate of motorcycle theft.

4. 2013, because all motorcycle are beginning to look alike.

Answer to last month’s trivia question:

Question: Harley introduced the number “1” logo in 1970, what inspired the design, was it:

A.)     Mert Lawwill’s win as the AMA Grand National Champion.

B.)     Harley motorcycle sales makes them number 1 in the country.

C.)     Willie G really liked the song “One” by Three Dog Night.

Willie G may have liked Three Dog Night, but the answer is:

A.)  Mert Lawwill’s win as the AMA Grand National Champion. Mert won the 1969 A.M.A. Grand National Championship and was voted AMA’s Most Popular Rider of the year. His popularity earned him a co-starring role in the classic 1971 motorcycle epic, “On Any Sunday” with Steve McQueen.


Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:

In CVS the other day an old biker in front of me says to the cashier: “Give me 3 packs of condoms.” The Cashiers says “Do you need a paper bag with that, sir?”  the old biker replies, “Nah…She’s purty good lookin’

UNTIL NEXT MONTH “Live to Ride or Step Aside”
Written by Bo “The Hog Shoppe”

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