BFC Easter Run

9th Annual Bikers for Christ Easter Sunrise Run

Story by Pastor Ski

Senior Pastor BFCMM and RWBC.


Coming into this year’s Resurrection Sunday run to Smith Point, we thought we had an opportunity for a more comfortable ride that in years past when the time for KU arrived, it was in the mid 30’s. Being Easter was April, 16th, and a late date for the holiday this year, the weather did not disappoint. We met at the Rushing Wind Biker Church at 4:30am for coffee, rolls and bagels and a bit of fellowship before the run. At 5:30am, when the engines roared and kick stands were raised, it was a balmy 55 degrees, the warmest run to date. The weather cooperated with a bit of cloud cover, but riding east into the sunrise was a moving experience. With our biggest turnout ever, the sight of all those headlights rolling into the sunrise to share in a celebration of when Jesus walked out of the tomb to change the reality of the human experience was breathtaking. As we all assembled on the platform in front of the beach hut, everyone was at peace, enjoying the weather, the pounding of the surf, the sunrise on the eastern horizon and the moon still visible to the west. An awesome multifaceted display of God’s creation on a special day. Songs led by Pastor Spock from the USVMC, and a word on Easter from Pastor Gerry from the Biker Church brought a focus of what we were celebrating. Many joined us at the Royal Oak diner to break bread together and then roll on into the day to spend time with family and friends. Every year it is such a joy to spend this special time together as a community of bikers appreciating the brotherhood, sisterhood and the freedoms that were paid for on the cross and facilitated that first Easter Sunday. Can’t wait till next year. God Bless, Ride safe, and God Bless America.