Beware of Colossus

Created by Marvel Comics, Colossus is a fictional superhero, the physically strongest of the X-men team and portrayed as quiet, honest and virtuous.

The superhero of this article is physically the strongest, secretly quiet, but hardly honest, or virtuous and ruthlessly loyal to the shareholders of insurance companies.

This Colossus is a computer program created for insurance companies to provide insurance claim representatives with low injury values and to make people with injuries think they will be treated fairly without a lawyer. After all, if your injury value was determined by a computer, it must be right!

After an accident, you may receive a letter from the insurance company for the car that hit you. It may come from Allstate or one of the other large insurance companies that uses Colossus.

The following quote is from an Allstate letter to one of our clients:

“One of the tools that our claim personnel may use in evaluating your claim is a computer program known as Colossus, licensed by Computer Sciences Corporation. Colossus uses a broad range of information about your injury, treatment, and prognosis to determine the severity of your injury. Based on this information, Colossus makes a recommendation as to the value of your injury.” “If you would like to discuss any aspect of this claim, including this letter, please feel free to call me…”

A computer program cannot possibly distinguish one injury from another, or determine the true extent of your pain and suffering from someone else’s. Averaging out previous settlements and using Colossus to project that upon your case is deception at its finest. It’s so good that even the claim representatives are fooled.

On July 18, 2007, the Consumer Federation of America issued a report about Allstate stating, “As the key element of CCPR (Claims Core Process Redesign), Allstate uses a program known as “Colossus,” sold by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC.)  CSC sales literature touted Colossus as ‘the most powerful cost savings tool’…”

On December 9, 2010, the Consumer Federation of America released a “Consumer Alert,” warning about insurance companies using computer software including Colossus, stating “Indeed, some insurers have adjusted (“tuned”) their computer systems to generate claims’ “savings”, without adequately examining the validity of each claim that has been made.”

Don’t be fooled when you receive a letter from the insurance company. In fact, don’t even call the insurance company. Call a lawyer instead.

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