Beat Street Sept 2015

The Nightmare Police LOGO-webThe Nightmare Police

“Making you feel like there is a better tomorrow”
Photos and review by Momma Dukes

The band originally started as 2 piece acoustic act and when they split up, Ian decided to re-brand himself and take his music in another direction. Deciding to start a PosiCore band – (definition meaning music generally Hardcore with Positive lyrics hence the slang “PosiCore”), Ians songs are generally uplifting, and about inner strength.

When he decided to evolve his original works, he reached out to long time friend and college mate Joe who traded in his sax for a bass guitar, Kody who already was a fan of the previous band was added as lead guitar, and through a posting made by Ian, Terry their drummer was found and was the final member needed to complete this project.
All the members synced and have a love for the music, and are really happy about performing together. They have a new EP coming out in the fall of 2015, and as of this writing will have started their first 16 day tour August 22nd from Chicago, to Florida then traveling up the East Coast. Pretty impressive for a band only 6 months young, but the energy that excudes from each of them on stage proves to me that they will surely last a long time. Keep up to date with their touring dates by visiting


  • Founded on January 1, 2014
  • Genre: PosiCore
  • Band Members: Ian lead vox/guitar/writer, Joe – bass/backup vox , Terence – drums | Kody – guitar/backup vox
  • Hometown: Long Island, NY