Bald Hill Car Show

Final Night of the Season at Bald Hill Car Show & Swap Meet

Story & pic by Cowboy

As October ended, so did many of the beloved car shows, as was the case with the last night of ‘Long Island Cars’ car/truck show and swap meet at Bald Hill in Farmingville. Almost 150 vehicles, including motorcycles and a small fleet of Edsel’s, gathered for the grand finale show of the season. As I walked through the rows of fabulous machines, I couldn’t help but wonder what all us enthusiasts would do to entertain ourselves throughout the long cold winter ahead. There was almost a bit of sadness in the air as I indulged in many sessions of kicking tires with fellow enthusiasts, who over the years, have become my friends. As I headed for the vendors on the swap meet side of the parking lot, I thought I would treat myself to a few items, seeing that this was one of the last swap meets of the season.  I found some really cool collectibles such as Grateful Dead bears and pins, as well as a Santa suit to add to my collection (once December rolls around-you can never have too many Santa suits). Of course, what would a car show be without sampling the event food items and kicking back to the classic 60 tunes, which was supplied by Our Generation. All in all, it was a fine day, well spent. I got to photograph some beautiful machines, talk shop with car buffs (I even ran into FTM’s own G-MAN), and wish a safe winter to many folks who I am looking forward to seeing next Spring. Thank You Long Island Cars for yet another great show. See y’all this Spring. Drive safe folks!