Bad Ass Bagger

2010 Harley Streetglide

Growing up, I always had a bike, and then got into baggers around 2009 when I bought my first Streetglide. It was just so practical having the bags to keep a ton of stuff in. From all day trips to weekend trips, it just made sense, and then being more comfortable than any of my other bikes as well as having a radio and cruise control. I’ll never go back to another bike. It wasn’t long before I had to start ripping it down and redoing some stuff (that’s what guys do right?) can’t ever leave anything alone, plus stock sucks. I made a call to Matt Shay up in Tewksbury Mass at Audio Werks Custom Cycles to talk about having some work done.

I had a vision of what I wanted my bike to look like after seeing what all these other builders were doing to their baggers. Super simple, yet sleek and practical. I’ve always loved the flat black with chrome, and that’s what I was going with. Over a period of a couple of months, I ordered all my parts and then brought them to Matt in April. By June, the bike was done and looked better than I had imagined thanks to Matt and his crew, who are extremely meticulous with their work. I ride the heck out of this bike and enjoy every minute of it.

I’d like to give thanks to my brother, Rick, and my buddy, Dean for their help when I needed it. Much appreciation goes out to Brian at D&N Cycle in Ct for always being there when I needed something, or parts ordered. And I’d like to thank my girl for always putting up with me and my bike shenanigans.

Final thanks to G-Man from FTM. I had a really great time with him when he came to Ct to do the shoot. Such a rad guy.

Owner: Jay Swartout

Hometown: Southington, Ct

Engine: 2010 H-D

Pipes: Vance and Hines

Bags and Fender: TOL Designs (Thanks Sean)

Tank and Dash: Dirty Bird Concepts

Seat: Mark (Dave’s Upholstery Oakville Ct)

Wheels: 26″ Front 18″ Rear

Front Fender: Roaring Toyz

Bars: 12″ Paul Yaffe

Headlight Bucket: Headwinds Raked Bucket

Floorboards and Accessories: Performance Machine

Audio front: Hertz 6 1/2″ with arc audio amp

Audio rear: 2 sets of Hertz 6×9’s in each bag

Air-Ride Front: Misfit Air Pistons, Rear: Matt Shay (Audiowerks)

Centerstand: MRI Electric Stand

Paint: Matt Shay (Audiowerks)

Chin Scoop: Camtech Custom Baggers