B.R.A.T. Rescue

LI Choppers hosts B.R.A.T. Rescue Fundraiser

Article and photos by Tami Ellinport

Another successful fundraiser for the third year in a row was held at LI Choppers for B.R.A.T. Rescue. Last year’s event fell on a very hot day, and this year I have to say it was excruciatingly hot, but there was plenty of water to go around to keep everyone hydrated.

“Breaking Dawn” was the morning entertainment and then “Sea Monster” took care of the afternoon along with Arthur’s Chicken and the rest of the band. An added attraction for this year was the bikini bike wash sponsored by Gentlemen’s Quarters and there were plenty of motorcycles to keep the girls busy.

The “Monster Energy girls” came out to show their support for the furries, and were set up amongst the other vendors handing out energy drinks for everyone to sample. The overflow of raffle prizes kept everyone digging into their pockets and purchasing tickets. But the true stars of this event were the adorable, loving fur babies waiting to be adopted. The dogs were so well behaved that some of them were out of their cages and knew to stay close to the dog tent.

Food was plentiful! The BBQ was smoking with burgers and hot dogs, along with 6 foot hero’s and sides, so no one left hungry.

There were so many people coming and going throughout the day, independents and patches, but the biggest supporters on this day I have to say were the Ironheads MC, as they were in numbers and bought so many raffle tickets to donate to a great cause. Many of their members won raffles and their treasurer won the beautiful Nel Tusso Huffy Bicycle.