Aunt Flow – 74″ Shovel

Last year Justin bought a crusty as hell 77 lowrider in riverhead accross the street from splish splash. The bike looked like it had been crashed multiple times and rigged back together. But it was cheap. We did some minor cutting and welding then road it to brooklyn a few times and upstate. It rained every time. The bike basicly fell apart at the end of the summer and we had no choice but to build a chopper. As soon as it got cold in November we put it on a craftsman motorcycle jack and stripped it apart in the corner of my auto repair shop. We started buying parts, cutting, drilling, and welding it back together many sleepless nights after work and on weekends. We spent many late nights at Dudley’s basement building the drivetrain. It took us 10 months to complete and I think it came out pretty good considering we were drunk or hung over for 90% of the build. Huge thanks to our girlfriends Stef and Christy for being patient with us and providing liqour and tacos during the build process.

Owner Justin “Zoro” Zober
Builder Bill Quinn at Quinn‘s Automotive Service
Hometown East Setauket NY

Engine: 74″ Harley Shovelhead, Jim’s roller rockers and solid lifters, S&S oil pump, Andrews A Grind Cam, wiesco pistons, ported and polished heads. S&S E carb with Velocity stack. Built by James Best at Dudley’s Basement Central Islip NY.

Exhaust is Paughco we cut up and welded back together.

Transmission: Kick start only 4 speed rachet top. Aftermarket case, random gears we found in a trailer behind Dudley’s basement. BDL 3″ open primary. Also built by James Best.

Frame: Paughco straight leg frame, cut up all over and modified to accept a juice drum.

Front end: Paughco 4 over springer

Tins: Lowbrow Manta ray rear fender. Random oil tank we found on ebay and modified, throttle addiction alien tank.

Paint. Paint huffer red metal flake painted by Jimmie Caldwell at Iconcepts Pittsburgh PA.

Front: 21″ rim, mini spool built by Bob’s cycle supply AZ. With Avon Speed Master Tire

Rear: 18″ rim Timken Star Hub, Juice Drum, Firestone Tire

Seat: We made the seat pan and sissy bar. Seat upholstered by Adam Nisiewics at Pierce Street Seats Milwaukee WI.

Controls: Pangea speed ape hangers, Nash internal throttle, pangea speed foot clutch with chain from a dog leash, V twin MFG master cylinder.

Photo’s by Momma Duke’s

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