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In Prince Edward Island, a province of Canada, a new custom shop is born, “Havoc Motorcycles.”
They are launching their lineup with a flagship motorcycle, the Special Edition Mike Tyson Bagger.
No, it’s not a misprint, I said the Special Edition Mike Tyson Bagger. It features a 124” S&S engine, a 6-speed Baker transmission, a 23” front wheel and Mike Tyson’s tattoo incorporated into an airbrushed paint scheme, with matching machined wheels and accessories.

Havoc currently has 3 models, the entry level bagger sells for $38,399, and if you want the Mike Tyson edition it will cost you $52,550. I checked it out on the Havoc website; it’s actually a nice looking bike. But I’m going to save my money and wait for the George Forman Edition, I hear it will have the George Forman Grille mounted in one of the saddlebags. Ok I have to say it, will Havoc make a Muhammad Ali edition, it could be the GREATEST of them all!
mike tyson
Trivia Question of the Month:

Question: Popular belief is the 88B twin cam motor released in 2000 was Harley’s first twin cam motor, this is actually not correct. What year and model featured the first twin cam motor by Harley-Davidson? Good luck!

Answer to last month’s trivia question:
Question: What year did the Federal Government order the motorcycle industry to complicate their VIN number system:
A.) 1933, because motorcycle were not yet registered.
B.) 1969, because a large number of custom bikes were being built.
C.) 1980, because of the high rate of motorcycle theft.
D.) 2013, because all motorcycle are beginning to look alike.

Answer: You would be right if you chose C.) 1980, because of the high rate of motorcycle theft.

Bo’s Monthly Words of Wisdom:
The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.
“Live to Ride or Step Aside”

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