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All Car Clubs Food & Toy Drive Car Show

Story & photos by Cowboy

On a clear, sunny, but slightly, windy November morning, I headed out to one of my favorite fall events -the All Car Clubs Food & Toy Drive. This is usually the final event on the car show calendar and the last time to catch-up with everyone until the following spring, when shows begin again. I pulled up to the Brookhaven Town Hall to find about 25 the early birds shinning up their gems as they waited for the other show car owners to pull in. The line moved along smoothly, once all the beauties were ready to show off their glory, the spectator’s gate opened to hundreds of car show enthusiasts.

Members from Still Cruisin’, East End Olds, and L.I. Cams, L.I. Street Rods, L.I. Moose Classic Car Club (Riverhead Lodge) & The American/Antique Truck Historical Society (L.I. Chapter) and many other car clubs shared their gorgeous treasures toping this show out with almost 100 show vehicles.

The main premise of this show is to help fellow Long Islanders in need by asking the spectators to bring food items and/or toys. As the day went on, a few clouds started to roll in, but so did the Big Man- Santa! Santa & Vixen (Sexy helper) arrived on the vintage 1930’s fire truck belonging to the Lindenhurst F.D. Both Santa & Vixen made the rounds by going up & down each row of classics before ending up in front of the tented area, where Santa posed for photos with all the nice boys and girls attending the show. The tables were loaded with toys and food showing the impact of this amazing group of men and women. Thank you to all clubs and individuals that brought out their rides for the final car show event of 2016. Drive safe, folks-see y’all in the spring of 2017 to start the gatherings all over again!