Air Out Your Laundry







Dear Readers,

Wow where did this summer go to? I know I worked a lot, but I don’t think I went out enough!! I do think  now that things have calmed down somewhat… I need to get out, create all holy mayhem and pillage something (or someone).

Got some good things coming my way. Unfortunately, right now I have to keep it under wraps but I will mention that this it’s going to be off the hook!! xoxox The Mistress

** Dear Mistress,

My guy has a business with his ex, I am currently involved and trying to learn it so I can take over for our future. Lately he has been talking in the other room to her………..

~~ Dear Futureless,

If he can’t talk in front of you, he’s up to something. Run don’t walk away!

** Dear Mistress,

I’m 22 yrs old, out of college, and I’m just starting to get my feelers out in the real world. During college I had numerous female partners at once if you get my drift? How do I get my 21 yr old girl to hang with me in the bar and pick up a third party, preferably a MILF?

~~ Dear Scuba Joe,

You’re a d*ck!

** Dear Mistress,

I wish my manhood was bigger, but truth be told “my girls man in the canoe” is bigger than my……….

~~ Loser……

** Dear Mistress,

I see you at different events and you always have “cool f…..g  heels on.” How do I get my girl to wear 6 inches like you do?

~~ Dear Shoe Freak,

Show her this column and buy her the shoes!

Well that’s it for this month, hope to see you all soon!!