Air Out Your Laundry Sept 2015


Dear Readers,
What A Long 9 Months It’s Been! But I graduated school and am now in my internship. Once I get past this, it’s just study for the NYS certification exam and I will officially be at NYS certified Pharmacy Tech. Well enough on me. I don’t know about you, but every weekend I see another accident involving a motorcycle.

I’m really done with a lot of people not paying attention on the road, it’s getting depressing having this pop in my news feed or on the apps I subscribe to on my phone. Anyhow, I know there is a solution out there somewhere, let’s hope it happens soon. Let’s get on with Air out Your Laundry…and see how many ridiculous write-ins this month brought in – xoxoxox Geri Cannoli
As my readers, you are probably wondering what happened to my former pen name Mistress of Mayhem. Well, I felt that it was time to make some changes in my life and getting rid of the name, “Mistress of Mayhem” was one of them. I had a lot of fun and met many great people under the M of M name, so now let’s see what the name Geri Cannoli will bring…

++ Dear Geri,
This is weird since I’m used to calling you by your old Myspace name. Anyhow, I wrote to a long time ago and your advice seemed to help me out. But since I landed the guy of my dreams and we are the kinkiest couple in town, I think my man is no longer attracted to me and interested in one of our 3 some people………

~~ Kinky
Whoaaaaaa…..L.R. I warned you about those threesomes. You have options are: put your foot down or put your foot up his keister. If he’s boffin about with another, you can catch crotch crickets or some other creeping crud. Get tested A.S.A.P.

++ Hey G,
I got a dilly for you. In the midst of having another fantastic romp with my guy. He stopped and told me I just called out another man’s name. I know I didn’t. And I can promise you that I didn’t drink or party. So, of course we talked about it and a week later he said I did it again. Once again I was sober.

~~ Hey D
Sounds like someone needs a bit of A.A. “A delusional mind is a terrible thing to waste” (unless you can write a fantasy story around it). On second thought, do you suffer from Tourette’s?

++ Dear Ms. Cannoli,
I’m about to move into my girls home and start a new life. In the middle of moving my things into the closet I found a few men’s shirts. She played it off, tossed them in the garbage and said that they were left behind by her ex. I’m am little upset…..

~~ Stressed over a Shirt
Dude a few shirts are nothing compared to some of the things my friends have told me they’ve found in their significant others place. Let’s see, where do I start? Here’s a short list – toys, A-beads, photos and videos starring their partner and others, used magazines, blow up dolls…shall I go on? It’s a couple of shirts, get over it.

There will be no more PSA’s. I’ve taken too much flack on why one thing was posted but not another. So we are back to…


++ Dear Geri,
My husband of 20 yrs hasn’t touched me in a while, we’ve been struggling to make ends meet and our home is almost in foreclosure. When I asked him what was wrong he said nothing. One night he fell asleep on the computer and when I walked by I saw something disturbing and I NOW know why we can’t make our ends meet. He secretly got a credit card behind my back and the bill goes to his buddies’ house. The problem is that my husband is paying out a significant amount of money to watch freaky videos. Example: a guy with a stump leg going into another man…and that’s tame compared to others.

~~Dear Wife of Stump Lover
Pack your belongings and do the get down boogie far the f*%k away from freak boy. Irresponsible jerk chooses to spend money on degenerate videos rather than to pay his mortgage. (I swear, sometimes I feel like I write for Jerry Springer)