Air Out Your Laundry Oct 2015





Air Out Your Laundry

Dear Readers,

This is my second favorite time of the year. I get to wear my cool, crazy witchy clothing and at the end of the month my 2nd favorite holiday will be upon us – HALLOWEEN! The most sacred of my Wiccan Holidays. I love the fall with its colorful leaves, the crisp air and the many fall festivals that take place. I can get lost in the woods for hours; unfortunately with my crazy schedule it’s virtually impossible right now. I even missed Renn Fair this year, but I gained a career. Was it worth it? Yes! Now I’m prepping for my NYS Pharmacy Technician exam.

Enough on me. I hope everyone had a great summer. Now let’s focus on the best riding weather of the year. Be careful while riding, those leaves on the roadways can be dangerous, especially the wet ones. xoxoxox The Great Cannoli.

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Dear whatever name you’re using now,

I just got fired from a bar job. I live far from the place and my friends won’t come there to drink. I’m pissed as all hell since this was my only source of income. I was hired for the Sunday day shift at the start of the summer. I feel………


Dear Wha Wha Wha,

Are you special? Us bartenders are a dime a dozen. GET OVER IT!


Dear G,

You and I know a person in a situation that isn’t good, the drinking and drugging making me nervous especially, on two wheels. I want to do an intervention and I want you to be there…………


Dear No F **** NG Way,

This person had many chances to change, improve and go forth in life, but continues to do whatever at the age of 60. Nothing that I can stop, or prevent when someone doesn’t want to quit. All I can say is pray!


Dear Geri,

I’ve been around the block and the biker community has turned immensely. It seems as if a brotherhood is no longer a brotherhood. I’m not saying that this is true for all the brotherhoods, but I have seen many newly formed brotherhoods that don’t roll the way the old school ones do. From The Sons of Anarchy wanna bees, to pansies who think they understand the lifestyle but have no idea. It’s just not the same anymore.


Dear Brotherhood,

I feel your pain but no matter where you go you’re going to see this at some level. My advice to you is to mind your business and not be bothered by something that you can’t change. Keep it real for yourself. One day it will fade, till the next biker show pops up!


Dear Geri,

It’s weird calling you Geri. Anyhow my old housemate just landed on my door step. He had a black eye and other marks on him. His wacky girlfriend beat the crap out of him yet again. I told him to call the cops but instead he decided to go drinking while riding and ended up in jail…


Dear No Vacancy,

Ugh too much drama for me. Tell him to go to AA and stay away from the nut job. That will cure his problem! You might want to tell him that if he wants to bury himself that’s on him, but driving, or riding a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol is putting innocent lives who are also on the road in danger. Girlfriend, your boy is behaving like a loser, don’t be his enabler, close the door and hang up the No Vacancy sign.


My Pick Of The Month

Dear Miss Cannoli,

You’re not going to believe this even if I videotaped it. I just moved into a not so great neighborhood, there is a lot of unmentionable things that are going on here. The crime rate is high, gangs are going nuts and undocumented beings (the leeches) are out of control with blasting their loud not to mention (shit*sounding) music from their beater cars. If this isn’t enough, one Sunday morning I’m driving to do errands and I see this guy in chaps with Sponge Bob boxers underneath and a yellow tank top carrying a pocketbook. I wasn’t sure if I should call the cops…………….


Great Neighborhood – NOT,

Why are you writing to me about such nonsense………it’s the hood honey, get friggin used to it, or find a new address! I have news for you, the guy in the Sponge Bob getup is probably the most normal of them all. Now that’s something to think about.