Air Out Your Laundry Nov 2015


Air Out Your Laundry
For entertainment purposes only…Mine!

Dear Readers,
WOW! Have you seen the beautiful colors of fall? I love this time of year. I can walk the woods or in a park for hours and take it all in, bringing me to a feeling of peace and calm. But all of this will come to a halt shortly…so get out and enjoy. I graduated school, interning and I have found a job with CVS. I can now say (unofficially until I pass my NYS exam) that I am a Pharmacy Tech now! All that hard work paid off, my salary isn’t what it should but it’s a stepping stone for my future in the right direction. Before I sign off I want to take this time to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I don’t know about some of you, but I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. From an amazing supportive family, friends and good health; to a great guy, our video and photo company going smooth while prospering. I am very grateful for all I have. Happy Turkey Day All!!

Dear Geri,
I recently went riding with the guys down here in Fl. There were maybe 30 people in the place and since we were in a rush we figured we would stop for a quick bite. We placed our order for food and drinks. The waitress came to our table 4 different times and told us our food will be coming right out. Our food came out over an hour later, but by this time we had to get on the road to get to where we were heading, so we refused to pay for the food, but offered to pay for our drinks. A manager and bouncers were called over and since we didn’t want to create a scene. We paid.

Dear Bad Service,
Oh Geez Guys, I wouldn’t have paid a dime for an hour wait, created a scene and told them what I thought about their service. Lesson: *Unless you know where your stopping, don’t stop at some roadside “sh**t hole” and expect a miracle.

Dear Holy Cannoli,
So what’s with the name change? Can’t handle Mistress any longer?

Hey Loser,
Check this out – it’s called growing up. I have a career in the medical field while you probably sit at home and “tug your tinker.”
As for Mistress of Mayhem, it’s a name my kid gave me M.O.M. ~ I was never anyone’s mistress ~ NEVER WILL BE.

Dear G,
I have a serious problem. My Husband’s X has my step son 3 days a week. When this kid comes back to us he smells to holy heaven, he is wearing the same cloths we sent him in, meanwhile we sent with him a duffle bag of clean clothing. He comes back miserable, won’t talk to us and when he does finally speaks to us it is in a tone I would have gotten back handed to Mars and back for.

Dear Bad Mom Award,
Whoaaaaa….. from what I’m reading it’s time to have a sit down with the mother, if not, call CPS and have them take a look into what’s going on at his mother’s place. From the sound of it, this boy may be better off having supervised visits with Mommy Dearest.

Dear Holy Cannoli,
I recently went out and bought a bike to surprise my wife with…….

Dear Idiot,
From the rest of the paragraph that I attempted to read, you needed to get some schooling son before riding a bike. Your lack of using good sense to educate yourself on the fundamentals of riding a motorcycles is why there are so many accidents.

Dear Geri,
A friend of mine had a bike accident years back. His family ripped him off beyond belief leaving him broke (they spent his 1.3 million accident settlement) and after 3 years of his not speaking with us (his friends at the time of the accident) due to his family pushing buttons against us, he finally reaches out to play catch up. The phone call reunion turned out to be a bitch fest all about his misery from hell. To tell you the truth, life went on without him. And now he wants to call and relive his entire accident and how he is broke because of his family?

Dear Abbie,
Hello…you do know that all you need to do is push a button to end the misery calls!


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