Air Out Your Laundry 2/16

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Dear Readers, I hope 2016 is bringing in nothing but the best for all! Soon spring will be here and the outdoor fun that comes with it. I pray that my schedule changes so that I can attend some of the wonderful events our motorcycle community holds, instead of having to work weekends. The evil red day is coming Friday, Feb 14th . Men do NOT forget your woman. If you haven’t learned anything from me by now, and you do mess up, and your mate writes in… I will drag you through the mud. Ladies, practice your yoga and read the Kama Sutra! You don’t have to be an athlete to have a great, romantic, evening. Just remember the thigh high boots with a stiletto heel and a hot pair of panties!

Xoxoxo G.C. Write me at: The

Dear Geri,
I’m interning at a doctor’s office and slowly losing my mind due to the extremely small work space, not to mention the fact that I am nit-picked at constantly, and spoken to by my supposed mentor like I’m a dog. There is also a language barrier, which makes things worse. Do you have any advice?

~~ Dear Intern,
It’s time to find a new workplace. And while you are clearing out your work space you might want to mention that this is America and English is the first language. Tell them that we American’s consider it a huge insult and disrespect for foreigners to live here and not speak our language.

Hey Obi Wan Cannoli,
I’ve been around the block a few times. I’m 56, divorced and my over age kids live with her. I recently went over my ex’s to see my kids and we argued. Now I’m behind bars for 6 months…she claims I hit her. Even though my kids testified against her, they still bounced my ass in jail.

~~ Dear Jail Bird,
Well, you obviously have not been around the block enough… well, maybe your body has, but somehow your brain never took the trip too. You should have known better. As soon as things started to heat up, you should have high-tailed it out of there. I highly suggest you stay far the F away from her. Pick the kids up out front and don’t let her know anything about what you do, where you go, or who you hang out with! Since the kids are adults, your time with them is your business.

Hey G,
I got a little problem. I’ve been taking care of myself since I’m single (if you know what I mean). I met this girl and we are dating. I want to take her to bed so bad, but I have a rough patch on my personal and…

~~ Dear Sticky Magazine,
Uh, you gave me a little too much info. Sorry you had to take matters into your own hands (literally). I guess she will have to wait a little longer – until things clear up. BTW- Haven’t you ever heard of lubricant? Gesh.

Dear G,
I’ve been talking to someone online, who now wants to meet. I look different from the photos that I posted for him to see. I’m now older and heavier. I never thought that it would get this far. I really only went into this looking for some attention and a little flirt. He seems to have many wonderful qualities and I am quite attracted to him. I’m terrified that he will take one look and leave. What do I do?

~~ Liar Liar,
You should have been honest from day one! If I were you, I would not meet him without explaining the situation and why you did it. Send him a current photo too. This way there are no surprises, he can make his decision without any pressure. If he has such wonderful qualities as you say he does, than he should understand. As far as your physical appearance goes, well there will just be more of you to love. Good Luck!

Well readers, there it is, this month’s mess!