Air Out Your Laundry August 2015



WOW this summer has certainly flown by its already August and I’m very excited about it. You ask why? RENN FAIR!!! I love going up to Tuxedo dressed in costume, drink my mead, see old friends and of course shop for the different jewelry and handmade crafts that you don’t see in the typical retail stores. Back in the day, we used to ride up and stay overnight sometimes and hit some sights on the way home.

Well, enough of the reminiscing and let’s get to Air, xoxox The Cannoli


++ Dear Mistress,

I just found out my guy of a year is married and there is another side dish besides me……..


~~ Dear Can You Say Aids Test and a Shovel!


++ Dear Mistress,

I have a great job and I am in school to better myself, my guy is laid off sits at home, barks orders and thinks he’s prince charming. The latest – he wants me to move in and give him 1k a month…….


~~ Barks Orders!! Next time just look at him and say WOOF!


++ Dear Mistress,

I just came into some money and my gf has been hinting towards a future……




++ Dear Mistress,

I’m in a relationship for about 3 months now and we haven’t had sex yet. It’s no her, I haven’t pursued the opportunity due to the fact I have a very small…………….


~~ Oh God………. SERIOUSLY!!! I just hope that you have a tongue to make up for it.


++ Dear Mistress,

I live at home with my parents and just don’t understand why they can’t give me any privacy. It’s not like I have a date over every night, but it does get cramped and boring sitting in the car. So, I told my parents that I live in the house too and that they should respect my space. I swear, I think they do it just to piss me off.


~~ Dear Lack of Privacy,

First off, I sure hope that you are under 21. It’s your parent’s house and if they don’t want to become invisible because you have a date over than that’s their business. Maybe you should find an alternative place to bring your gf’s to. If you are over 21, shut up and respect the fact that they still let you live in their house.


WOW what a month……xoxox The Cannoli