Air Out Your Laundry April 2015

Air-Out_LaundryDear Readers,

Before I begin I want to thank everyone who has checked in on me while I was laid up. While I am saying thank you, I want to let everyone in on a little something: If you are having brain fog, dizzy spells that last longer than a few minutes to all day, get yourself to the doctor. I was dangerously low on Vitamin D. I should have been in the hospital. After 4 days of bed rest, an over dose of Vitamin D with a lot of sleep, and a great guy taking care of me (thank you Doc), I’m back to my old, wonderful self! Ahhhh hahahaha, let’s work on Air and see who we can rag on! xoxoxo The Mistress

Have a question, or need to air out your laundry? Write to me:

** Dear Mistress,

I recently saw my best friend’s boyfriend out and about with another girl. I was with my husband, I bumped his elbow and said look. He told me to mind my business. This is my best friend. What do I do?


++ Dumb Ass, Your Hubby’s right. Mind Your Business, he could be out with his sister for all you know. Unless they were smooching away keep your trap shut.


** Dear Mistress,

I know you’re a bartender as well as I am. Do you have this problem? I have a customer that comes in with her own bottle of soda, or water and wastes space. Which I get, some people are on meds……….


++ Blah Blah Blah, don’t walk into ANY establishment that serves beverages or food with your own bottles of water, soda or snack EVER. It’s OUR job to serve and make money for our bosses, that blob is also taking up space that could be for a paying customer.


** Dear Mistress,

I’m a woman in my mid 50’s, I’m not dating anyone steady and was recently called a whore in a bar. So what if I went home with 2 customers 2 different times…………




** Dear Mistress,

I was recently out with some “friends” (they each live in their parent’s house) they know I have no kids and 2 spare rooms. They keep hinting about sleeping over. No offense, I’m not a hotel.


++ Honey You Got Your Answer……YOUR NOT A HOTEL!!!


** Dear Mistress,

I’m so tired of going out to a restaurant and having my dinner ruined by some moron that can’t control their animals. Seriously, it’s on my nerves. Restaurants should have a designated area for this, and not throughout the place. I’m a psychiatric nurse and sometimes I need a snack and a glass of wine, not screaming and yelling. How and where do I find this place is my Next Question?


++ Readers, if anyone knows a place that is child free let me know. This everything is Family Friendly is on my Nerves!!


Well, that’s it folks until next month. Stay well and ride safe! xoxox The Mistress

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