Air Out Your Laundry – Sept 2016

Dear Readers,

“The Great and Powerful Obi Wan Cannoli” here… Sorry I was in Wizard of Oz mode!

Geez this summer went by too fast for me and I still haven’t made an appearance at any of the events. It’s not that I don’t want to, this new job is pounding me with OT, and I can’t pass up the extra cash.  I can’t say anything is new and exciting on my end, but let’s check out what interesting questions came in this month.

Dear Obi

I’ve been on and off with my boyfriend for a series of years now. The past 3 yrs. we have been steady and talking marriage. Out of nowhere he has been acting weird and saying some really bad stuff. He is all about his needs and wants. His ego is inflated beyond tolerance.

Dear Get Your Head Out Of Your Arse

You’re dealing with a NARCISSIST. They are the worst! RUN Just RUN!! TRUST ME.


Dear Great One,

I and my girl have been in a fantastic relationship for quite some time. She has recently been struggling in her career. She is an awesome photographer, but the business has slowed down tremendously. I try to help her out, but my salary is not enough to take care of both of us.

Dear Schnook,

Dude if you are paying her bills, stop and make her get a job, everybody and anybody can take a picture!


Dear G,

My guy is in a band (at 59 yrs. old) He’s walks around boasting about his band as if he is a rock star. To be honest with you, they suck BAD. I go to support, but I really can’t stand their music or his rock star attitude. Other than that, he is a super guy who treats me wonderfully.

Dear Idiot,

If your guy is good to you, go, support and be nice! Let him have his fantasy and don’t be a kill joy.


Dear G

You know who I am and you know who I’m with…

Dear Your Teeth Are Gonna Be Missing,

Danger – Will Robinson> you’re playing with the wrong one! I happened to know who you are and the chick you’re messing with.  She will hood stomp your silly A$$. And just for the record, he always goes back to her, you’re just another toy that he will soon get bored with.


Well that’s it folks. Looking forward to reading about what other hot messes will be shared with me for next month’s column.

Signing off – The Great And Powerful One!