Air Out Your Laundry Oct 2014


Air out Your Laundry

(For Entertainment Purposes Only…mine)

Dear Readers,

This is my favorite time of the year. I love the fall, the crisp air, the turning of the leaves, I get to wear my cool crazy witchy clothing and at the end of the month my 2nd favorite holiday is here HALLOWEEN! The most sacred of my Wiccan Holidays. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, meditating and praying for many people and many causes. Plus with the events that have taken place, I figured it’s time to ground and just be myself, but don’t let it fool you….IM STILL A PSYCHO, SARCASTIC, BITCH WHEN I NEED TO BE. Now, go read my column!!


~~ Dear Mistress,

My long time riding buddy and I have been going on Sunday trips alone for a couple of years now. He recently hooked up with this chick, personally I don’t like her and think she is a bad choice, but I suck it up for my friend…(cut off)


++ Dear Jealous,

I’m gathering you’re still single, so keep sucking it up and find a chick for your back seat! (ughhhhhh……….where do these whiners come from)


~~ Dear Mistress,

I’ve had this guy that I have been interested in for a long time recently call me to hang out. I’ve been single for a while now and he is hot! What I didn’t know is this…..he is hanging out with one of my close friends and obviously playing the both of us…(cut off)


++ Dear next………………….haha NEXXXXT, both of you should dump this player!


~~ Dear Mistress,

I’ve been missing a long time X boyfriend. We’ve been broken up for a while now, but we are still speaking and trying to get together for a date, but our work schedules have not permitted it………………..(cut off)


++ Dear Charlie Browns Teacher,

Your letter sounds exactly like the Charlie Brown cartoon teacher whah whah whah………Get over it and try going on a date….you may see things in a different light!


~~ Dear Mistress,

I met this hot guy. After a couple of dates, I took him to my local hang out spot and he met my crowd. While I was doing Karaoke, my closest friend hit on him……………(cut off)


++ Dump your supposed friend. Friends don’t do this to friends! As for him, if he took her bait, dump his loser ass too!


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