Air Out Your Laundry-Oct-’17

Dear Readers,

Here we go…its fall, this is the most awesome time of year for me. Besides the cooler weather it’s the month of Halloween. Isn’t great to just snap on your vampire teeth and smile and then enjoy the surprised look on people’s faces. I love getting dressed up and watching the look!

But besides all the cool colored leaves, scaring people and THE LOOK,

I have to say to all those who ride: be extra cautious of the fallen leaves on the roads…especially if they are wet.


Hey Cannoli,

My girl is going through some serious hot flashes after being spayed. Can you tell me what is going on with this woman? Crap, she’s always sweating and bitchy?


Dear Jerky Turkey,

I’ve consulted the Jesus Dude in heavy meditation and not only did he say you’re a putz, he said did you not read the Bible son? The woman got Adam’s spare BBQ rib, so they got hot flashes in return. Does this clear up your stupidity?


Dear Great One,

I have a dog that doesn’t stop barking. I’m so done with this constant barking I want to get rid …..


Dear Jack Wagon,

Did you ever think your dog is barking for a reason, did your fat ass get up to look out the window to see if anyone is breaking in to your home? Or better yet, did you think about giving the dog extra attention? Probably not loser.


Dear Geri,

I’m writing to you in distress, my husband is verbally and mentally abusive and my daughter, who is 25 yrs. old, is following in his footsteps. I want to get out, but as soon as I save a little money to bolt, there is a disaster in the house.


Dear Stop Making Excuses

Be done…period and end of that story. Save and go. You can get a throw away phone and contact her later, or not. Just Get Out!


Pick Of the Month

Mistress what is the difference between a Southern fairy tale and a Northern fairy tale?


A Northern fairy tale starts with Once Upon a Time.

A Southern fairy tale starts with Ya’ll Gotta Hear this Shit.


Seriously…where do these weirdo’s come from? I can’t stand it…until next month: Live, Laugh & Learn.