Air Out Your Laundry Nov-2017

Dear Readers,

Holy Great Cannoli, time is flying and once again we are in holiday mode. Happy Turkey Day to my American friends! I have fond memories as a child, the excitement to go to Aunt Paula and Uncle Sonny’s house and to bust on The Banana (we called my cousin Ricky, Banana, no idea why – LOL) but as everything else changes so do families and traditions. Mine seems to be working! On that note let’s see what the weirdos wrote this month!!

Dear Great and Powerful Cannoli,

I know this guy 3 years and we’ve been dating and talking future. Well I blacked out due to not taking my medication. I said nasty things and he won’t talk to me at all, he even blocked me on social media. Advice please!

Dear Blackout,

Nothing you can do, apologize, sober up and go about your business. Hate to say this but everyone screws up, even I…believe it or not.


Princess of Airwaves,

Another name change I see, who are you running away from? Why don’t you tell us about yourself? You look fake on FB and who was that putz you had taken a picture with on a boat?


Dear Fake,

For someone who makes a fake account and then deletes it you are truly a stalker. So, since you know so much about me, why don’t you come to the studio on a Tuesday and we can entertain my listeners! I promise I won’t take any cheap shots at ya…(hehehehe right)


Airwave chick,

I have a problem! I’m dating this guy and after a while things do happen in the bedroom. The next day I woke up quite sore and when I saw the javelin he was sporting I nearly died! Not quite that I feel comfortable with this part of our relationship.


Dear Size matters,

Sister, accept the package and enjoy! (memories lol)


Ran out of time and space, till next month……Giving thanks from Princess Cannoli to you!

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