Air Our Your Laundry-Nov-2016

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Dear Readers,

As I was decorating my home for Thanksgiving, I was also remembering some many good times I have had in my past. So much has happened since my childhood from the start of my reign of terror, to how I became what I am today. The events turning in my life was a series of steps taking me to the wise old chick that I am. (Now I know some of you are saying wise-ass). But all and all, since I am wise or a wise-ass, I do have to say thank you to my faithful readers for writing in to me, keeping my mind alive and creative.

Hope you enjoy November’s Air out Your Laundry!


~ Dear Geri,

Every time my wife and I ride, she always happens to notice girls a little younger than her and how perky their assets are. She now wants a boob job! I don’t have a problem with her desire, but finances are tight right now. How can we go about this?

Big Boob


Dear Bam-Boob-zled,

There is financing you know, most dr’s offices have payment plans. There are loans you can take out, or if you have decent credit there is Lady Visa or Master Card! Keep in mind that you will be benefitting by this investment too!  Good luck!


~ Dear Cannoli,

My 50th birthday is coming up and I have been hinting to my wife that I need new tires for my bike. I am hoping she gets the hint so I don’t receive another knick-knack or t-shirt. Is there a way to hint without coming straight out and telling her?

Birthday Boy


Dear Old Fart,

It doesn’t sound like you’re having luck hinting, so why don’t you just bring her to the shop, pick them out, ask for her credit card and pay for them. After the transaction is complete, give her a kiss and say Happy Birthday to me – thank you!


~ Dear Obi Cannoli,

I met a woman online; we seem to have so much in common. I want to know if it is appropriate to pick her up on the bike on the first date.

Right Choice


Dear First and Might Be Your Last Date,

What happens if she gets all dolled up in a skirt and heels? Hmmmm, then again, I have seen chicks riding on the back of bikes in a spandex mini and stilettos. Hey, if she is dolled up and smiles when she sees the bike, all I can say is that you are in for one hell of a first date. Have fun!


~Dear Miss Cannoli,

My 60 yr. old grandmother has recently started dating a guy who is about 40. I don’t have a problem with it; she has a life to live too. What I am concerned with is that she rides with him and stays out till all hours and comes home with that look on her face. What’s even more concerning is that I was in my grandmother’s bathroom and I happen to notice a tube of Joy Jell and set of body paint! I’m thinking of asking her what the heck is going on.

Concerned grandson


Ancient History,

I wouldn’t say a dammed thing, Gram’s just might slap you! Whatever she is doing in her spare time is her business. But sonny boy, I would stop snooping in your Grandmothers things! Then again, maybe you could take a few pointers from the ole gal.


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