Air out Your Laundry Nov. 2014






Dear Readers,

Gobble, Gobble – Happy Thanksgiving…….. Oh So Sorry, I was politically incorrect (sarcasm). So what does everyone have planned for the four day weekend? I’m not sure yet myself, I haven’t decided if I am going to fly out to FL, Antigua or just cruise upstate and visit some people I know there. The last trip up we were going to do a tour with lunch at this haunted house called Shanley Manor, but we left too late from LI and missed the boat on that one.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is well and have a great Turkey Day…..xoxox The Mistress


++ Dear Mistress,

I’ve been dating this guy for a while, I help him anyway that I can due to his financial situation. I am recently out of work due to an injury. The one time I can’t help, he flipped out on me………Whoa there girl, you’ve been cut off…..


~~ Dear Bank,

Do you realize you’re being used?

I say close the bank and your legs ~ find a hero and dump the zero!


++ Dear Mistress,

Do you ride, or do you just work for the magazine, think you’re cool and act obnoxious?


~~ Dear Pud Wad,

Obviously, you’re a newbie to the community. I had a bike, I was riding, but I got into a serious car accident that left me with neurological disabilities. As for being obnoxious, again, you’re NEW to the community. Being new and having a new bike doesn’t get you the status in the community. And the next time you want to be an ass, use an email address so I can email back/track. Making a Hotmail account and deleting it in less than 24 hours is lame – (what a putz)


++ Dear Mistress,

I have a friend whom I love dearly, but is a royal pain in the ass. After a drink or two the lies and BS that come out of her mouth are just unbearable…….Oh Yeah, cut off time.


~~ Dear Another Putz,

Why don’t you call her out on the spot, or just not be around her when she drinks.


++ Dear Mistress,

My husband of 100 years, well it’s not 100, but damn well feels like it, is constantly bringing negative energy to not only my work life, but to our family life as well. He never has anything positive to say and thinks that his way is not only the right way, but the only way. He half asses the projects we work on and is always looking to cut corners and jeopardize the integrity of everything we do. Yes, we do run a company together… OR should I say that I run it to be the best that it can be, while he tries to run it into the ground. I recently told him since he is no longer interested in growing and nurturing our company, that he should bow out graciously and let me do what I do best. Of course, he got his knickers in a twist and threw himself into a rant fest. End result – since I don’t want him to be involved in the company, he feels I no longer want him to be involved in our marriage. I’m too old for this crap and after all these years of being married, I’m too tired to care about his ridiculous, waste of life perception of situations such as this. I’m ready to call him out on his statement and give him enough rope to hang himself with. What do you think?


~~Dear 100 Years,

I say hit the marine supply shop, purchase some heavy duty boat rope, and let him swing.


++ Dear Mistress,

Can you settle a bet?


~~ Dear Settle,

The two pictures you sent me look like inch worms so both of you get BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT…….NEEEEXT


Reader’s – can you imagine the BS that I have to weed through every month to write this column? Do me a huge favor. Write me in some juice


Have a great month, till next time………………….The Mistress

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