Air Out Your Laundry Nov 2013



Gobble Gobble ~ Happy Turkey Day Everyone. I don’t know about you but I’m going to be with my loved ones chowing down on some home cooked goods, hopefully my oven will be leveled by the time I need to bake my Turkey Day treat. Lots of good things are being worked on and hoping soon that I’ll be able to let you in.

Please keep voting for Video Visions USA for best Videographer and Pet Photographer (on Long Island Presses Best Of Long Island 2014 Wedding Category and Pets) And while I’m talking shop, I want to drop a big Happy Birthday to Doc xoxox!! A big congratulations to my wonderful sister Donna on her engagement and upcoming nuptials, I am so happy for you!!

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xoxo The Mistress

** Dear Mistress,

My boyfriend has been turning into a self centered no class loser. He used to be wonderful, kind and caring. Now he reminds of an obnoxious dirt bag, who has lost his manners and respect. Where is the guy I fell in love with?

Just Lost

~ ~ Dear Lost In Space: I guess the no classed loser is in the bushes. Set them on fire and walk away.

** Dear Mistress,

I’m a female auto mechanic who hasn’t had a boyfriend in a while and my ratchet set is starting to look good. Do you know of any places on Long Island that I can meet a nice looking for a real relationship? (Of course they don’t sign a name to their write in).

Ratchet Rosie: You can jump in your car and take a ride on the LIE for a quick fix, if that doesn’t do, go for the ratchet set.

** Dear Mistress,

My flighty wife is getting on my nerves with her wild ideas. One week she is an artist who won’t work for less than 20 dollars an hour, this week it’s lets move to Puerto Rico and who knows what it will be in a week or two. I just want to choke her at times, but I take off on my Harley to get wind therapy………(cut off)

Dear Wacky Zak

The next time you get on your bike for wind therapy pack enough clothing for a day or two! Whooo what a wack job!!

** Dear Mistress,

My husband’s sister, who claims to not have a relationship with their mother called to invite us for Thanksgiving. Keep in mind that I don’t talk to their mother due to the drama rama deal. She went on and on about her mother and how she doesn’t want to deal with her and how she was not inviting her for Thanksgiving. I come to find out that she is burning her candle at both ends. She invited her mother, but failed to tell me about it. My husband’s job will keep him away for this holiday. I have decided to decline the invite. Should I tell my sister-in-law why I declined, or just leave it alone and let her think that I am not attending due to my husband’s being away?

Dear In the Middle

When it comes to in-law drama you will always be the out-law. Keep it zipped and just give her enough rope to hang herself.



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