Air Out Your Laundry May 2014

(For my entertainment purposes… usually)

Dear Readers,

It’s been a long and strange month, from my phone freezing and losing all pictures along with contacts, I’ve slowly learned who cares about being in my life. I’ve personally emailed when my phone was up and running. I’ve made contact, I’ve posted a numerous amount of times online. You can post about your bs and self pictures, but not email me back? For those who didn’t respond, I’ll say it once, “DO NOT call me when you need something, or want to bitch”. The ride is over… now speaking of rides, holy crap I finally got the nerve to get out there and get in the saddle. It felt amazing, but I still like my truck better!!

Anyhow, I’ll be out and about soon, when you least expect it, no promises, THREAT’s YES!!

Happy Mother’s Day to All You Mother’s! xoxo The Mistress

++ Dear Mistress,

I’m betwixed and besides myself. My guy and I were the most amazing couple ever (for many years), but he strayed and moved out. He said he was tired of me never wanting him sexually, he was tired of me being tired all the time……..(cut off).

** Really sweetie, take care of your man and he won’t stray…it’s not that hard to spread your legs and wear something sexy for him.

++ Dear Mistress,

My close friend has a handicapped son, her son is so cool and sweet. One night her idiot man and a crew of us went to the diner together. The idiot slipped up and called this sweet boy a retard as well as a moron. I almost went over the table……..(cut off).

** You ass, you should have went over the table and belted his teeth down his throat. That is uncalled for!!.

++ Dear Mistress,

I’ve been in the local MC scene for a while, there’s a guy who every time I see him, I clam up, can’t speak and find myself hot and bothered. What am I to do?

** Lets see there isn’t much to go on here… so either get the balls up to talk to him, or bitch elsewhere…..

Geez it must be loser month!

Or I’m out of patience (I’m voting I’m out of patience).

Keep the write in’s coming ~ I can use the laugh!!

Until next month xoxo The Mistress

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