Air Out Your Laundry – March 2014

Air Out Your Laundry (For Entertainment Purposes Only)

Dear Readers,

Ahh St. Pats Day is on the horizon, get your green on and get to the parades. I have such great memories of hanging out in front of T-Bones (Bone Yard) with all my close friends and some that are like family to me. The fire fighters would run off line and run in use the rest room then fall back in formation like nothing happened. I don’t have anything planned just yet, but who knows where I’ll end up.

Anyhow, a big I Love You to my partner in business and in life. We at Video Visions USA made one of Long Islands Best in the category of wedding videography.

Speaking of weddings, March 1st at Oheka Castle I will be celebrating my little sister’s marriage. Congrats Donna and Danny, I’m so happy for you!! Now enough of this sappy crap and get to reading Air xoxox The Mistress

** Dear Mistress,

I work in a bar, I have a serious medical condition and I was talking privately with a friend when “the bar gossip” over heard. Well, low and behold everyone knows my business now. I’m to the point that I want to throw this bitch through a window; she just doesn’t know how to stop jumping in where she doesn’t belong. How can I stop her?

++ Dear Bar Wench,

Well, if you work in this bar than why the hell would you be hanging out in it? Find a new place to hang out at, or throw the bitch through the window.

** Dear Mistress,

You’re probably going to think I’m nuts. I ordered from a take out place and when I opened it up everything wasn’t right, but I like the place so it didn’t matter, until I discovered I didn’t get any plastic utensils. I mean, I’m at home……………………(Oh, Good Lord. Shut The F…. Up With Your Nonsense.)

**Dear Mistress,

2 years ago, I feel in love with my sister’s husband. Nothing happened. I never told anybody how I felt. I love my sister, I’m single and decided to move away and get on with my life. I’m content with my new surroundings and have a great job. My sister called me the other day to tell me that she has been having an affair for years, told her husband and they are now getting a divorce. The next day her husband phones me and confesses his love for me and says that he sensed the reason for my leaving was that I had strong feelings for him. He and my sister don’t have children, so he is free to go where ever. He wants to transfer to where I live and start a relationship. I can continue my life without him, but I must admit that I am still in love with him. I won’t do anything without speaking with my sister first, but I am wondering if I should just tell him no. I don’t want to hurt my sister; she was married to the guy.

++Dear Normal Person,

I must say that it is quite refreshing to hear from someone who has common sense. You are right. It would hurt your sister even though she has moved on. Since you were the one who said it, I don’t need to explain it. This is one time that heating up the leftovers is not a treat.

Readers, keep it coming!!! Until Next Month xoxo The Mistress

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