Air Out Your Laundry-June 2017

Dear Readers,

What a whirlwind of a month. I want to thank and congratulation my sister and brother (in-law) on the birth of their first one Daniel Anthony, little Bubba was born on March 23rd, my tiny baby sister had a 9 pounder. I’m in love!! Anyhow, NY Rangers Rock (LOL) I know none of this doesn’t pertain to the mc world but too bad –  LOL Let’s get to Air and see what freaks came out this month!!

Dear Cannoli,

If someone was dating a Jewish person and considers themselves Jewish by Injection, BUT they are not with that person any longer are they still Jewish or excommunicated?

Dear Dummy,

Hahaha, that is just a saying, your religion or race does not change because of who you are having sex with. And just for the record – if you are not getting it regularly, you are definitely not Jewish!

Hey Geri,

Is it true, that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?

Hey you- Seriously??? Who the hell sends this crap in…I guess it is best not to know.

From the Same Idiot, Why did Yankee Doodle name the feather in his cap Macaroni?

Hello idiot,

Maybe you should find some other way to spend your time and stop wasting mine. Since you wrote in to a columnist that gives advice, here is what I recommend you should do: Visit your local ER and ask them to hook you up to a thorazine drip for a couple of weeks.


Crazy Cannoli,

I went out riding one night, I drank a little too much and a made a very bad decision. I woke up in the morning next to something and instantly regretted it! How can I fix this problem? She hangs around our group, she thinks we are an item now and everyone that hangs is laughing at me.

Dear Strange Bed Fellows,

I’m laughing at you too. Why would anyone mess around in the circle…don’t s**t where you eat!!     Seriously though, if you are a gentleman, you would have a conversation with her. Who needs feeling uncomfortable?


Pick Of The Month

(Check this a$$ out)…… I’m out with some childhood friends. When we were younger I was known for eating the grossest things: bugs, worms, I’ve even licked the bottom of my dog’s paw for a dollar. The list gets more and more disgusting as it goes on. So, here we are talking and having a good time when my fiancé stops in. They start telling her this stuff from the past and she turns to me with a look of disgust. Truth be told, I wasn’t exactly a child when these ingesting sessions took place.


Mr Mental,

First of all, I hope your pallet has changed immensely since your days of eating slime. And if I was your fiancé I’d be making sure you had all your shots!


Well that’s it for this month,

Live, Learn, Laugh:

The Great and Powerful ~ Woman in Charge