Air Out Your Laundry June 2016

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Dear Readers,

I don’t know about any of you, but after being in Mexico for 10 days (every day 85 and no rain) and coming back to this, I have to admit that I need some damn sunlight…my old bones are aching.  As soon as the weather warms up a bit more, you will be seeing my butt down at some bike nights, it’s not a threat, but a promise.  So don’t be shy, come up and say hello to me, you know who I am. OK, now let’s get to Air.  I was scrolling through some emails and boy this column gets freakier every month!

The Great and Powerful, Obi Wan Cannoli! Have something on your mind? Email me at and if you’re lucky, I’ll give you some advice.Oh Great and Powerful,

I went to a bike night recently. I DO NOT do drugs, but this really hot chick who I was talking to all night invited me back to her place. We did some partying and then indulged in the best between the sheets activity that I ever had, but I’m wondering if it was the drugs that made it all so great.

I can only call you an ASS!

First of all, I hope you have a job that doesn’t drug test. Secondly, drugs are the root of all evil. Look at you, here you are telling me that you had the best night of your life and you’re not sure why? No more drugs for you.



I have an 83 Corvette that I take out to cruise the avenue… STOP right there!

Dumb Bell or BS Artist,

So I guess your car is sitting in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 43 prototypes made in 83, none were ever sold. Same year all were destroyed, or serialized to 84, except one 4 spd. with white exterior, blue interior. It was retired to display at the Assembly Plants entrance in Bowling Green. Still owned by GM and the only surviving 83 prototype now sits on public display at Corvette Museum stated above.  (I know a little bit about cars… I managed an Auto Zone).




Every month people write in and you read through questions, don’t you get tired?

Another Dumb Question,

If I was tired of it, I wouldn’t be doing it. The only thing I get tired of is when I have to read one dumb question after another. But it does have its rewards, I get to rag on them with my answers and get entertained at the same time.


Hey Cannoli Answer This,

Why do I imagine my X when I’m with my new partner?


Hey Loser,

Uh, because she probably boinks better than the current!

Ms. Cannoli,

I was out riding with my new girl, we went back to her place and we did the dirty deed. While we were shagging, I accidentally called out another girl’s name.


Pillow Talk, Not

Another Two Timing Putz added to the stupid list, try shagging only one at a time.

Well, folks peace out, I think I’m done with the freak show for now.

Catch ya next month: OWC