Air Out Your Laundry | June 2014

(For my abusive purposes only)

Dear Readers,

Here it is June and the season is in full swing. I know I keep saying I’m going to get out soon and enjoy some free time. Anytime I make plans it seems to get disrupted with work one way or another. But its fine by me, I’ll take that “gwap” and run with it. I know, I know all work and no play, but I have to catch up on past due bills to get to my future goal.

Remember you know how to find me, you know what days I’m chill-axing and shaking cocktails.

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~~ Dear Mistress,

I was at a drive through waiting to place an order. The idiot in front of me is screaming at the menu board thinking she is placing an order. Hellooo, do you see a speaker? When she got up to the drive through window she took her wrath out on the person running the drive through. What the hell is wrong with people?

++ Concerned Citizen, I know what the problem is, but it’s too long to print and I’ll get into a lot of trouble for speaking the truth about inconsiderate, selfish low lives with no class! Now, if I were running that drive through, when that biotch opened her bag of food, let’s just say that she would have found her order to be anything but correct. Opps.

~~ Dear Mistress,

I work in an Italian deli in a prominent neighborhood. We have samples in the store and directly underneath a garbage can. It’s bad enough we find used tooth picks all over the place, but the worst part is that they throw them in the sample basket that they just ate from. We get asked to throw them out by the nasty people waving the toothpicks in our face. The clincher is this disgusting mini slob comes to my register and says, “Oh, I don’t like this (slice of salami), and leaves the rest of it on my counter. I said, “The garbage can is over there. She says, “You can throw it out”, and proceeds to walk away. How do we get these nasty people to knock this behavior off?

++ Are you serious? That is just so (bleep bleep) nasty. My advice to you is to cut out the free samples. Let’s face it, you’re a deli, folks don’t expect free samples, just good food and service to go along with it. However, if your boss insists on keeping the free samples flowing, pick up their nasty ass tooth pics and throw them in their bag of goodies.

~~ Dear Mistress,

I’m married and was out riding recently. I bumped into an old flame of mine who was stuck on the road. I helped her out and we started talking. Well, one thing led to another…….

++ Hold on…….right there. On the side of the road? I bow my hat, but now I have to yell at you…. YOU DUMB MARRIED F….. WAD.

~~ Dear Mistress,

I really screwed up the other night. I’m on probation and do class three times a week with a chance of being drug tested. This one night I got in a mood, I drank, did cocaine, mushrooms and a molly……

++ Can I say get your s….. Straight junkie. I hope they piss test you and toss you into rehab!!

Sorry folks, I have no tolerance for druggies and their stupidity. They hurt too many people and are an absolute waste of life!

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  1. nice, my dad alywas loved his 96 LT-1 Camaro SS, and I alywas hated putting new plugs/wires and opti-spark on it. he just recently traded it in for a new Camaro SS though


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