Air Out Your Laundry July 2017

Dear Readers,

What a funky month it’s been. I’m really wanting to know if it’s ever going to stop raining, or do we need to build an ark. Well, hopefully it will clear and we will get some nice weather (nothing over 75), so I can get out and get to the beach huts or just to the beach! Let’s get to air, we have some winners!!


Dear Mistress,

I’ve been in the biker community for over 15 years and a friend of mine asked me why I was acting weird towards her. When I fessed up via a text and expressed how I felt about my health problems, she went crazy on me, said I was full of BS then threatened me and my family. I’m stunned by her actions, what do I do?


Dear Stunned,

Two Words: DELETE AND BLOCK ~ there is no need especially from a so-called friend!


Dear Ms. Cannoli,

My daughter is transgender, who is now fully recovered from the process.  I’m taking a lot of abuse from people in my neighborhood. How can I stop this? These people in my community have no idea what IS going on in my kid’s head and I don’t want my child bullied to the point of suicide.


Dear Parent,

You’re a great parent for sticking up for you child, as well as giving the support needed. Not many parents can accept that!  As for your neighbors, I don’t think FTM can print the advice I would like to give you, so read between the lines and take care of business.


Hey G

I have own an upscale restaurant in my neighborhood. This guy down the block has a small shitty pizza shop and he tells people not to come to my place. Any words on how to shut his mouth?


Dear Upscale,

If your food and service is upscale, then what are you worried about?


Well folks that’s all for Air, until next month CIAO for now.