Air Out Your Laundry | July 2014

Dear Readers,

Air Out Your Laundry (for entertainment purposes only…mine!)

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for all the write in’s and compliments on my column. I appreciate them all and I wish I was able to come out and play more so I can thank you in person. It is unfortunate that my work schedule prohibits me from any play time, but living here on Long Island is getting harder and harder for one to handle. Anyway, enough on this never ending rat race and into some good stuff…..”Air Out Your Laundry” xoxo The Mistress

** Dear Mistress,

I don’t get people. They post some serious stupid stuff online. I can’t believe the garbage I see. But when I post something that is close to my heart, which in this case, is animal abuse, I get grief and nonsense. How do I stop these morons from making nasty comments?

++ Dear Animal Lover,

A simple post: IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHATS ON MY PAGE, REMOVE YOURSELF!! If they continue with nasty comments, remove them. Most of the people on social sites are people you’ve probably never met in person, and most likely, never will. So it’s no love lost… and in some cases even if you have met, it’s still no love lost!

** Dear Mistress,

I’ve noticed lately that there seems to be a lot of accidents with motorcycles and school buses. You have any idea what’s going on out there?

++ Dear Clueless,

Here’s the clue – people are f*****g self-centered morons, who aren’t paying attention to the road. They are paying attention to their cell phone notifications and checking to see what’s going on online, like its important! WAKE UP LOSERS AND START PAYING ATTENTION. IM TIRED OF TRAFFIC FROM STUPIDITY AS WELL AS HAVING MY M/C FAMILY AND FRIENDS GETTING HURT.

** Dear Mistress:

I’m a bartender, and in my few years of being behind three feet of wood, I’ve noticed I’m becoming anti social and finding it hard to go to places that are loud and noisy. Can you tell me what’s going on?

++ From experience I can say this: On my time off my tolerance level is zero. After listening to everyone’s BS while pushing the last legal drug, the last thing I want to do on my days off is put up with anymore BS. I wish restaurants would have separate sections, one for those who want quiet and intimate and another for the families who enjoy taking their screaming, ill mannered, brats out!!

** Dear Mistress:

I ride alone a lot and I stop in places all along L.I. I must say that I just don’t get some of the women these days. If a conversation gets started, I talk with them. From the start get go I make sure that I state one very important fact, “I won’t date a smoker.” After saying this to them, the conversation continues and the next thing I know is that they leave the room to smoke. Then they come back, reeking of stale smoke and want to continue the conversation. At this point, I have no desire to talk with them, let alone inhale their nicotine aroma. Why are they persistent in continuing? I stated what I do not like or tolerate………….

++ I got the point. If they go out to smoke move from your spot and if they follow put your foot down pussy boy and tell them ta ta!!

Well there ya have it ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~more of my wonderful words of wisdom!!