Air Out Your Laundry – Jan. 2014


(Jan 14 ~ for entertainment purposes…Mine!)

Dear Readers,

“Happy New Year” with bright blessings to all. This is my 5th year doing The Advice Column. It’s come a long way and I want to thank everyone for writing in and making many great comments/compliments online about how much you love it!! A big thank you to all!!

Many of you have been asking why I’m not online as much as I used to be. Well, with working and school I have zero time to breathe. I’m in school 4 days a week for Pharmacy Tech to better my future. For those who have made stupid comments, I only have one thing to say (use your imagination and don’t ask why you have been deleted). And on this note a big thank you to Doc for being patient and supportive. To Jackie as well, we signed up together and we will get through it together! Now Readers get to reading the fun stuff…..

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~~ Dear Mistress,

My girl is holding out on me in the bedroom. She said since we have been living together for a couple of years now that it’s time that I commit. I was thinking about giving her a ring during the holidays, but with just being laid off its hard to dive into the savings………(here’s the cut off, the rest is bs)

*If you Like It than put a Ring on It?

If you have spoken about the money situation, I can only say she is one Selfish P.O.S. and should be willing to wait for the ring. But, if you’re using the money as an excuse not to commit than go find another bed to keep you warm at night. (I have no tolerance).

~~ Dear Mistress,

One of my closest girlfriends is a nympho, I personally don’t care who she is knocking around with, but she constantly talks about it. It doesn’t matter where we are or who we are with, as soon as she has a moment she pipes in about her sexual encounters. How do I stop this embarrassing situation?

*Non Sex Addict

Simple. Don’t go out in public with her…or only go out with other nympho’s.

~~ Dear Mistress,

I haven’t had sex in a while. To be exact, 2 years. I have been dating someone for 6 weeks now and he is starting to pressure me into sleeping with him. I want to. I like him enough but (more whinny bs).

*Like a Virgin, NOT

Geeeeez, Do the deed or let him go!


~~ Dear Mistress,

So I was cleaning out the bedroom closet and came across some pretty raunchy magazines. Not playboy, real hard-core stuff. I asked my husband, (who is away on business at least 5 times a year) why he had them. I told him that I don’t look at these sorts of rags so we do you? And even worse, why bring them into the house? He told me that a long time back, while on a business trip, one of his clients who was completely obsessed with these rags, gave him a stack. He didn’t want to appear rude, or lose the account so he took them and then forgot all about them. He claims they have been in the closet for years. What bugs me is that they were hidden (our children are grown and out of the house). I can’t help it but I feel a little betrayed, like maybe I don’t really know my husband after all. Am I over reacting?

*Dirty Rags

For crying out loud! You found images of people tearing it up, not a real live naked women hidden in his closet. Whether or not he likes these rags is not the real question. What you really need to ask yourself is this – before finding the rags, was he still the same man you fell in love with and were  you both happy together. If you answer yes, than forget the rags. Throw them out, since he said that he didn’t even remember that they were there, and move on with your life together.

Well there you have it, another interesting start of the year!

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