Air Out Your Laundry-Dec 2016

air out laundry_imgageDear Readers,

As the holidays approach, many of us are rushing to get everything in order for the Big Day, but please don’t forget to take some time out to think of those less fortunate. During your holiday shopping, if you see a bunch of people dressed in heavy leather and there is a huge cluster of bikes gathered in a parking lot, why don’t you find out what we are doing? If you don’t ride and want to attend one of the many charity events that we do, we will tell you where the after party is, so you can load up the car and bring the kids!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Prosperous and Magical New Year to All!


Dear Obi,

Back in August I wrote in complaining about this nutty bartender. I started to go to other places for happy hour. Then I took your advice and decided not to judge her. I returned to the bar during her shift. I had a great time and kept going back. Guess what? I am now dating her and she knows I wrote in. We clicked on our first date and I really enjoy our time together.

Thanks, the Nutty Boyfriend


Dear Boyfriend,

I guess you can say two nuts are better than one, or sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don’t!



Dear Miss Cannoli,

I had recently gone to eat at my favorite Italian Place. I went to the men’s room and there was no toilet paper. So since I am a regular and I know the 2 owners, I said something. The major owner was rude to me and told me that he knew, he was too busy and to use the napkins on the toilet bowl! I’m appalled, I go there 2 to 3 times a week, the service is excellent and the food is out of this world. Would You Go Back?

Italian Food Lover


Dear Food Lover,

I would go back to the restaurant during the dinner rush and head right for the bathroom. Whether there is toilet paper in there or not, I would come out with my pants unbuckled and say loud and clear, “Once again there isn’t any toilet paper in the bathroom, can one of the help pass me a few cloth napkins like you did the last time? Thanks.”


Dear Geri,

My room-mate and I were craving french fries during our once a week beauty session. The next thing I knew we were in the car heading towards a fast food place. The drive-thru line was ridiculously long, so we went inside. Besides, it was still early evening, so we thought that no one would be inside munching out yet. (Mind you we had on our pajama’s, some green face mask left over, robe, hair pinned up and lets not forget the furry slippers). The manager asked us to leave saying our attire was improper and scaring some of the children who were dining with their parents. I was thinking of contacting my lawyer. Do you think the manager had a right to do that?


Dear Furry Slippers,

The manager is obviously an ass. But I will tell you this: Girls, pajamas do not count as clothing to go out in, unless it’s Fredrick’s of Hollywood and you’re going straight to your guy’s house! (Don’t forget the high heels!!)