Air Out Your Laundry Dec. 2014


2014 ~ for entertainment purposes only, usually mine


HoHoHo Merry Christmas! This is the most wonderful time of the year for me. I have a lot of great memories as a kid/teenager, but with these great memories, I also get a little melancholy and miss the Grandmother’s and Aunt Esther along with the wonderful goodies that they made and whose recipes have been passed down for generations. I want to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season along with a Very Special New Year…..Blessings All ~~~~~ Now enough of this sappy crap and on to the “Freak Show.”

xoxox The Mistress


++ Dear Mistress,

Again here I am alone through the holiday season, I don’t know why, I’ve tried getting out there and making an effort to find a mate. Maybe I’m too fat…………….


Now Chubs: If you want a mate and you’re not putting effort into your appearance than I suggest that you join a fat ass social site with your own kind.


*Holy Crap, I hope my other emails are not as depressing!*


++ Dear Mistress,

My boobs are huge and I’d love to make them a little smaller and firmer, but the cash flow just isn’t in the cards. Should I go to a doctor just to talk to them?


~~ Oye Vey, Boob Lady, it’s called Lady Visa, go to the friggin doctor already and get those danglers up off the floor!


++ Dear Mistress,

My boyfriend is married and I just found out I’m pregnant……………


~~ Ahhhhhhhhhh *@%^!# Another Idiot. Get Yourself Neutered Dumb Ass!!


++ Dear Mistress,

I don’t know where to start but, I’m a gay male and I’m starting to find myself attracted to one of my riding buddies. I don’t know if I should tell the guys or keep it to myself?  J-Bag


~~ Bag of Marbles: I can safely say, keep it to yourself… and if this is the name you’re known by than you are screwed, many read this column!


++ Dear Mistress,

I work in a bar. I have a customer who comes in and constantly complains. It’s non-stop. The other day he came in and bitched about his miserable situation and how EVERYONE SHOULD HELP HIM. Finally I had enough and said “Get a Job.” Guess who’s out looking for work?


~~ Really, you got fired for a loser? Write me back so I don’t apply for a job there. I would have told the customer to get a job too!! Lazy Ass Loser!


PS: A lot of parties coming up this season check the cruising calendar. I hope to see some people soon, just waiting to find out when we break From School!!

Wanna spill your guts-

Love and Light to All ………HO HO HO

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