Air Out Your Laundry – Dec. 2013


Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s that time of year again folks! Yep, Christmas time is here!! I’m a bit depressed that I can’t build my ChristmasVillage, but I’m sure I will get over it with some massive shopping. Lots of good things coming my way, lets start with the fact I am going to school to become a pharmacy tech. An 11 month course that will put me in a better working environment!

Merry Christmas to All xoxox The Mistress

** Dear Mistress,

I have serious situation. My guy and I have been on and off for many years, but for our last round, we have been doing very well… until he drinks. Then he becomes verbally abusive, which I blow off since when he doesn’t drink he is the best guy around……..(I’m doing a cut off here)

++ Dear “You eventually WILL BE BEATEN,”

From experience it starts as verbal then it gets physical. You need to escape now and run for the hills!!

**Dear Mistress,

The more I date this guy the more I don’t want to date this guy. He spits on his floor, excessively drinks and picks his nose in public………(readers, did you just read this).

++ Dates Mr. McNasty,

I would normally tell you to get him a box of Kleenex for Christmas, but I’m telling you to dis this low life!

** Dear Mistress,

My girl and I got engaged. We are now shopping for photographers. My girls sister dates one, but we don’t want to use him because in case something goes wrong, we don’t want any family drama!

++Dear Kodak Moment,

Just tell him you don’t want to use him because if the photos and quality of them aren’t what you expect, you won’t have any problem telling him so. And that it would be hard to hold back a slap up the side of his head if he screws up capturing the most important day of your life.  If he truly values the friendship and his head, he will understand.


**Dear Mistress

Every Christmas my mother-in-law buys my husband and our children the most ridiculous gifts. My husband’s brother, wife and children are also victims of her thoughtlessness. It’s as if she goes out of her way to give us items that make us feel very unimportant to her. I know, “It’s the thought that counts,” but trust me; there is no thought on her end. I am a 40 year old women and the last thing I need is a pair of moose head slipper socks. We all want to tell her to not bother to buy us gifts because every year we donate them to the Salvation Army. But my husband says to grin and bear it. What do you say?

++Dear Moose Head,

I agree with your husband…to a point. I say give her a dose of her own medicine. Give her back the same thoughtless gifts. Your first gift purchase for her this Christmas should be a pair of Grinch slipper socks – she’ll get the picture, and if she doesn’t, just think of all the fun you will have year after year buying the “piss off my mother-in-law gifts. Good Luck!



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