Air Out Your Laundry April 2016

air out laundry_imgageDear Readers,
Here it is April 2016, boy time does fly when you’re having fun! And I can safely say I am having a ball! I’m looking forward to this season and getting out. My reign of terror starts when I get back from vacation! Just keep your eyes open for the blond bombshell terror! If you thought last month’s column was off the hook wait till you lay your eyes on this month………
The Great and Powerful Obi Wan Cannoli

Dear Holi Cannoli:
I’m not giving you a story. I’m going to ask you straight out: Is it ok for you to touch yourself when you hear your parents fooling around? I get so aroused when I’m lying in bed and I hear my parents going at it.

Dear Demented,
My drink just came out of my nose! You Seriously Need Help!

Obi Wan Cannoli:
I am wondering whom my daughters father really is. I am married and we had been trying to have a baby. One night all of my college friends and I caught up for a drink and the 3 guys I used to have group sex with, well, we went back to our old habits and had unprotected sex!

Dear Obi Wan Dumb-OLI:
If anyone knows your email address it can give away your secret… NOW you can thank me because I was kind enough not to put it in print. Advice: if your husband is a good father; I’d shut my mouth, be a good mother, and NOT have unprotected group sex anymore! (Stupidity at its Finest)

Dear G:
One night I was out riding. I stopped in a place that I normally wouldn’t, it has a bad reputation. I stopped because it was the only place open for a nightcap, I met this gorgeous girl and we had an instant connect. I normally don’t take girls home on a first date, but I couldn’t help myself so we get to my mom’s house and…

Dear Get a Life,
Really, you live at your Mothers and you’re taking a girl back there? Loser, stick your hand in your pocket and take the whore to a hotel where she belongs!

Hey Your Holiness I got a question for you:
I was messing around with my girl and I ended up in the wrong entrance, or in this case exit…anyway, I have never sexually relieved myself inside this part of the body, can it go up to her stomach?

Butt Blaster,
I highly doubt you know anything about the human anatomy, so I can safely say this:
GO OUTSDE AND BASH YOUR HEAD ON THE CONCRETE! (Probably won’t have much of an effect)

Ms. Cannoli:
Even though I’m not from your M/C world I had to write in. I’m sure that I will make Pick of the Month: I got myself into a little trouble and I had to terminate, does this turn me back to a virgin?

Like a Virgin, NOT,
Oh you got Pick of the Month alright, under the category of Moron. I think you should hang out with BB (the question above)

Well, I told you it was worse than last month! I can’t wait till next month, when I have to weed through more insane crap before writing this column.
The Great and Powerful One Is Going To Rest Her Blown Cranium!