Air Out Your Laundry – April 2014

(April 2014 ~ For Entertainment Purposes Only “Streak at Your Own Risk”)

Dear Readers,

Easter is right around the corner and as I believe in Santa, I’m sure the bunny will be delivering me some colored eggs and not black jelly beans as he has in the past. I can’t say I blame him but I guess I deserved it since I did curse him out and punched him at the mall once for not letting my kid take a photo with him (with my Polaroid). I hope my sentence is up because I want to see this jerk run around my yard with three pitbulls on his ass!!

Everything on my end is pretty good, my 2014 Long Islands Best photo/video company doing well, book 2 is at editor and the romance novel (aka women’s porn) going well. I’m trying to make schedule switches, so I can get out and play with everyone soon. xoxo The Mistress

++ Dear Mistress,

I’m a male 52 year old my birthday just past, I’m feeling old, my urges seem fewer and life is boring. Is it my age or just me, thinking I’m old?

** UGH!!! Your boring, you whinny f…….g  f….. wad. You need to go streaking you, toilet papering or egging old f…..g fart!!

++ Mistress,

You are one crazy chick. I see your dream posts on line, you are so weird………….cut off time!!!

** Okay putz, I’m saying this once, you don’t like what I have to say on a freedom of speech site, delete yourself because I’m NOT changing for any one and I will post whatever it is I want!!

++ Dear Mistress,

An x female friend of mine started dating a x male friend of mine. I didn’t think I was a good idea and I stated it to both. While they dated I was informed they were miserable and always fighting. They both threw my friendship away. Now they split and they both want to be friends with me, after two yrs plus of not speaking to me…….cut off time!!

** How Rude!! I think you need to wait another two yrs before talking to either one!!

Well readers another interesting day at the zoo……. Keep the write in’s coming ~~~

xoxo The Mistress


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