Aidan’s Ride NY

4th Annual Aidan’s Ride NY


Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation Charity Ride to Fight ALD

Story and photo’s by Momma Duke’s

June 4th 2017– The 4th Annual Aidan’s Ride NY was attended by close to 100 riders participating. The ride left by police escort from Indian Larry Motorcycles in Brooklyn, road for over and hour and returned to Indian Larry’s for food, music, fun and much love. The motorcycle community joined forces and raised funds, show- ing their support for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, which was established in Aidan’s honor by Aidan’s Parents Elisa and Bobby Seeger. The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation uses the funds raised for the purpose of helping families whose children were diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy, heightening awareness about ALD and pushing for legislation in every state that mandates screening of newborns for the disease.


Because of Elisa’s hard work and dedication since 2013, as well as the dedication of “Aidan’s Posse” she has been able to get 5 states to pass “Aidan’s Law” – New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and California. As of this year 4 more states will be testing – Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska and New Jersey.  Hundreds of thousands of babies have been screened, and 53 have tested positive for the disease, and their lives can now be saved!


YOU can help Elisa and Bobby by signing the petition to help get ALL states to pass “Aidan’s Law” by visiting this website:


The next paragraph is a quote from Elisa that was published on the group page for Aidan’s Posse, so that you can read for yourselves how much your support means.  Elisa writes to her son on here every day, as does those who loved Aidan so much:


“So grateful for everyone that was able to be a part of today. Blessed to know so many amazing friends that came out for our cause – to fight ALD the horrific disease that has taken our baby and so many boys lives yet could be stopped with an early diagnosis. Thank you all!”

Learn more about ALD by visiting: