Adirondacks Bound

IMG_7806Adirondacks Bound

By George Tranos

June is a great month for motorcycle riding! It’s not quite yet summer but it’s still warm enough to enjoy sunny days on a motorcycle. Taking an epic motorcycle trip in glorious weather makes for a memorable ride. And there is no better place to ride than the mountains, especially the mountains of upstate New York – the Adirondacks.

Each year in early June there is a great motorcycle touring rally held there – Americade. If you’ve never heard of it, it is the world’s largest motorcycle touring rally and is based in Lake George. Americade offers a plethora of things to do and see. Some of the most popular things are the motorcycle demo rides given by bike manufacturers, the large motorcycle tour expo where you can purchases parts, accessories and services and guided and unguided motorcycle rides. More information is available at

The biggest attraction is riding the mountain roads. Arguably the best riding in the northeast, the Adirondack Mountains offer scenic rides through lush forests intersected by beautiful streams, rivers and lakes. Wildlife is plentiful and it is not unusual to see deer, raccoon, elk and moose. Many species of birdlife make the Adirondacks their home. Hawks and eagles fly high above valleys teaming with abundant sources of prey including rabbits, fox and squirrels. Waterways are available for recreation and provide opportunities for rafting, fishing and swimming.

All of this makes a great backdrop for days of motorcycle touring. Explore local attractions including many historical sites dating back to the American Revolution and French and Indian War. Battles were fought right here and you can see some of the artifacts and sites where they occurred at Fort Ticonderoga, Fort William Henry and others throughout the Adirondacks. See more at

Other interesting sites to visit include exploring the many rivers and locks in and around the area. The Champlain Canal is part of the Lakes to Locks Passage. It opened up travel along the Hudson River from New York City (and West via the Erie Canal and Mohawk River), north to Lake Champlain and on to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Today the Champlain Canal provides sixty-three miles of scenic boating – plus waterfront picnic parks, recreation trails, eleven lock locations, numerous canal towpaths and charming villages and towns along the way. More information is available at

Make this year the one you take a trip to the Adirondacks! If you happen to be up there the first week in June, stop by and say hello. We’ll be giving the “Best of Motorcycling Tips, Tricks and Techniques” seminar at Americade University on Tuesday, June 2, at 1 PM, and Thursday, June 4, at 2 PM, at the Fort William Henry Conference Center. For more information see

Enjoy the Adirondacks, have fun and ride safe!

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