5 Things you should buy for your new bike

_Ortiz Big Apple Motorcycle SchoolThe First 5 Things you should buy for your new bike

So you finally took the plunge and bought a new bike. Congratulations!  There are hundreds of accessories you can buy to make it your own. But there’s no need to go “hog-wild” buying everything in sight right away!  Buying too much now might mean restricting your flexibility later (those orange flames really don’t go with everything).  However, there are a few must-haves every new rider should add to their shopping list.

  1. Good Gear

The biggest mistake new riders make it to run out and buy a lot of third-rate gear. Regardless of the type of motorcycle riding you will be doing, invest in a quality helmet, gloves, jacket and boots. Ill-fitting equipment will only become a constant annoyance when you ride.

  1. Tank Bag

You’ll need a place to put your “stuff” and a good tank bag can be a very convenient storage place on your bike for anything from your wallet, spare gloves, sunglasses, tissues, etc. to electronics and maps. Many tank bags are held in place by magnets, but if you have a plastic tank they also come with straps to secure them.  By design they are located in the center of the load triangle of your motorcycle and have very little impact on your center of gravity.

  1. Tools

Most new bikes come with a few minimal tools in a pouch under the seat or other hidden area. Check your owner’s manual and see whether they can be used for minor adjustments on the mirrors, etc.  You can also purchase a pre-sorted tool roll that has been fine-tuned to fit your make/model machine. Add a tire pressure gauge, small flashlight and first-aid kit and you’ll be all set for minor emergencies.

  1. Cleaners and other fluids

Small containers of windscreen/face-shield cleaners, chain lube and other lubricants come in handy. So do cleaning wipes for your hands and a microfiber or other soft cloth to use on your face shield to get those nasty bugs off!

  1. Farkles

Go ahead and get that one decal, leather or chrome accessory that you have your heart set on. But keep it to one. Until you’ve been riding your bike for a while you really don’t know what would work best.

Motorcycle customizing is an industry that is growing and you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in aftermarket accessories. Common upgrades and additions many riders make to their bikes are windscreens, anything chrome, custom seats, panniers and top cases, brakes/suspension, additional lighting, horn, pin striping etc.  The list is endless and is only limited by your imagination and pocketbook. Resist the temptation to get it all at once and concentrate on items that improve comfort and safety first before style and you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

Ride Safe!