Brain Injury Month

philFrankelBrain Injury Month is March and We’re Offering a Free App

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this year 1,275,000 people will sustain a concussion, also called a mild TBI. 

Motorcyclists often sustain a concussion injury in a motorcycle accident and never find out about it or even realize they’re suffering with lifelong symptoms. When a motorcyclist is taken to the hospital, the emergency room doctors are concerned with life-threatening injuries and injuries which need immediate treatment.

We have a client who didn’t know he had a brain injury and didn’t understand why he was having difficulties that included memory loss until we found that a CT scan of his brain at the hospital showed a drop of blood in the brain.

After the brain bleed was found, it was determined not to be life-threatening and was never fully discussed with the motorcyclist. He went home and forgot about it. He knew he was different after the accident but didn’t understand why until we found the CT scan in his hospital records.

Since March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, I thought I would announce in the article this month that we’ve been working for six months to develop an injury app for iPhone and android which includes features to identify, track and report concussion and PTSD symptoms.

When finished in another month, the app will track physical pain for any injury, emotional state and quality of sleep. It has a medication reminder to remind you and track what medication you took and when.  It has an area to enter money you spent for medications and treatment.  It also has tools to record accident information at the scene; and buttons to call 911, find a tow truck, taxi, auto repair shop or hospital. It even has a button to reach me directly by phone at any time no matter where I am.

Symptoms and other information can be emailed to us, your doctor or anyone else you desire. The information reported to us through the app can be used to document the pain and difficulties you experience daily concerning any type of injury and can also alert us to symptoms that are associated with a concussion and PTSD.

The information you send to us from the app will substantially increase the value of your case. The app is free to anyone and will be available on our websites within the next month or two.

A mild traumatic brain injury is a long-term debilitating injury and therefore a very valuable injury which could result in a settlement or award of as much as a million dollars and much more.  For more information see

Even if your helmet didn’t sustain any visible damage, there may be unseen damage.  Be sure to keep your helmet as evidence of head trauma.

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